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This tab is for Industry Solutions, Add-ons, and other functionality not included in core Maximo®. Each link returns a targeted collection of documents on the subject.


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Welcome to the support resources page for Maximo Industry Solutions and Add-ons.  From here, you can find more information related to specific Maximo® Industry solutions and add-ons, and quickly perform searches on subjects commonly asked by our clients.

Maximo Add-On Searches Industry Solution Searches
Maximo Anywhere Maximo for Oil and Gas
Maximo for Service Providers
Maximo Scheduler and Scheduler Plus
Maximo Linear Management
Maximo Archiving
Complementary and Included Products - IBM Knowledge Centers Maximo Health, Safety and Environmental Manager
IBM WebSphere Application Server
IBM Installation Manager Maximo Asset Configuration Manager
IBM Decision Optimization Center Maximo for Aviation
Maximo for Civil Infrastructure

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12 June 2020