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From the Maximo Support Desk - Scroll, Don't Click, Through Those Asset Specifications

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Scroll, Don't Click, Through Those Asset Specifications


With the emergence of convenient, mobile technology and phone apps to resolve almost every non-essential problem in our lives, came the mindset that there must be an app, or a way to eliminate every minor annoyance that we encounter in our lives.  In my opinion, too many of our brightest minds have been distracted, or otherwise groomed to believe that the bane of society is having to click, or tap more than once to gain access to information, or to complete a task in an application.  Well, here is one such contribution to society...

I was speaking to a Maximo user who works in an environment where each Asset has 30 or more specifications associated, and where the difference between a lot of the Assets is only revealed by the last few rows of specifications that get displayed in the specification table on the record.  The annoyance, if you will, is that the Users don't like to keep clicking through the 2 or 3 pages of rows in the table, just to view the last two rows.  "Why can't we just scroll?" was the rallying cry of this uprising.  

I imagined a flaming torch brigade of users marching through the village to find the Maximo administrator.  I began to sweat as I pictured the tines of a pitchfork pressed to the system admin's throat, as a screaming mob shouted their demands for the ability to SCROLL through the specs, some of them waving signs to call for an end to this draconian and inhumane clicking.  "What do we want? SCROLLING!  When do we want it?  NOW!", they chanted.

So as with any significant civil protest, change comes about.  Here's how to change the appearance of the Specification table in the Asset application to allow the users to scroll through the rows instead of clicking through the pages...

-Go to Configuration | Application Designer
-In the Application field enter ASSET and hit Enter
-Open the record for the ASSET application by clicking on it
-Click on the Specifications tab
-Highlight the Specifications table section by clicking on the blue header area
-Click on the Control Properties icon (sixth one in from the right)
-Towards the bottom of the Table Properties window is the field for Display Rows Per Page
-The default is 10; enter the desired value
-Close the Table Properties window
-Save the record

Viva la revolucion!


Tom Richardson is an IBM Maximo Support Engineer and frequent contributor to the Asset Management Blog community.  For a complete index of links to his articles, visit
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