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From the Maximo Support Desk - Cron Task Parameter to use if your database is restarted!

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From the Maximo Support Desk - Cron Task Parameter to use if your database is restarted!


A Global System Property has been available in the last several Maximo Feature Packs, named mxe.crontask.runonschedule.


This added functionality is a response to an APAR (IV79558 - PMWOGEN CRON TASK DOES NOT RESUME SCHEDULE IF DATABASE IS RESTARTED) that was entered for the scenario whereby a client had experienced a server malfunction and subsequently fell behind on scheduled asset maintenance due to the inability to run the crontask for PM Work Order Generation during the database downtime.
*If you are using Maximo Feature Packs through, the current cumulative IFIX is necessary to utilize this System Property; it is included in and in Feature Packs and newer.

0 is the default behavior;  if a crontask is restarted/reloaded, any missed run will start immediately, and then resume the existing frequency schedule.

1 is the updated functionality; if a crontask is restarted/reloaded, it will not execute immediately for any missed runs; the crontask will execute at the next scheduled frequency.


To view this property and make any updates to the behavior:
-Go To System Configuration | Platform Configuration | System Properties
-In the Global Properties section, click Filter
-In the Property Name field enter "mxe.crontask.runonschedule" and press Enter
-Expand the details for this row




















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