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A configuration matrix for IBM® Maximo®. New product versions are released and tested on an ongoing basis. We do our best to keep this matrix up to date, but please note the modified date.
Policy for WebSphere fix pack support
When a major WebSphere® version or modification release is supported, all fix packs on that version are also supported. For example, if WebSphere version is supported, then version and higher fix packs are also supported. However, if a new modification release or major version is released, it is not automatically supported. For example, if there is a WebSphere 12.0.0 released then that version is not automatically supported. Regression testing is required to validate that this new major version works before this support is added to the platform matrix. This support also extends to any runs-on support that is announced. For example, WebSphere 8.5.5 is packaged with Maximo 7.6. Then, runs-on support is announced for WebSphere 9. Any fix packs on the runs-on WebSphere 9 version are also supported for new releases.
New Maximo releases are tested with the latest available fix packs of middleware and latest browser versions. In general, middleware fix packs work. In some instances, regressions in middleware fix packs caused performance issues, most often requiring updates to the latest middleware fix pack versions.

Update Log
20 October 2023
Updated Maximo Asset Management support for Windows 10 and 11 and IBM Control Desk 7.6.1 support for DB2 11.5
1 September 2023
Updated RH Linux 7, WebSphere 8.5.5 and Ubuntu support for Maximo Asset Management
26 May 2023
Added Maximo Asset Management column for Details tab
06 February 2023
Added ICD release
30 August 2022
Added Maximo Asset Management release
17 May 2022
Updated IBM Control Desk 7.6.1 IFR1 support details
26 April 2022
Added note for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 support for Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1
15 April 2022
Added Cognos 11.1 support details for Maximo Asset Management
16 March 2022
Modified WebSphere Liberty support details on the Details tab.
11 January 2022
Added IBM Control Desk on the Configurations tab.
15 October 2021
Maximo APM - Asset Health Insights release is supported on Maximo Asset Management, except IoT Connector that should be used in Administration Work Center.
21 January 2021
  • Added IBM Control Desk support for Microsoft Edge Chromium, with note “From ICD and newer”
  • Added Service Provider support for Microsoft Edge Chromium, with note “From SP and newer”
18  December 2020
  • Added entry for IBM Control Desk
  • Added note “IBM Control Desk and newer” for AIX 7.2 (64 bit)
  • Added note “SP and newer” for AIX 7.1 (64 bit)
  • Added note “SP and newer” for AIX 7.2 (64 bit)
  • Added technote URL for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 LE (Power) “”
  • Marked SP 7613 supported for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 with comment ‘SP 7613 and newer’
  • Added note “Dropping Internet Explorer Support from IBM Control Desk Onwards”
  • Added note “Dropping Internet Explorer Support from SP Onwards”
  • Added note “IBM Control Desk and newer” for Mozilla Firefox 68 (LTS); in sync with Tivoli's Process Automation Engine 7612
  • Dropped support of Safari 9 for Service Portal 7.6.1
2 November 2020
Db2 11.1 is AWSE (Advanced Workgroup Server Edition)
Db2 11.5 is Standard Edition
IBM Control Desk and newer supports Microsoft Edge Chromium
7 October 2020
Updated: No Maximo APM - Asset Health Insights releases are supported on Maximo Asset Management
Added Maximo for Civil Infrastructure 7.6.2
Removed IBM Maximo Network on Blockchain - end of life
Updated: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x BE is no longer supported for Power
Updated: Support for AIX 7.2 (64-bit)
14 September 2020
Added IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for Oracle 7.6.1
14 August 2020
  • Added Oracle 18c Real Application Clusters (RAC) runs-on support
  • Added information for new Fix Packs
    • Maximo for Aviation
    • Maximo Asset Configuration Manager
    • Maximo Service Provider
    • Maximo for Transportation
24 July 2020
  • Add support for
    • Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 8
    • Support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (x86 64-bit)
    • Support for IBM Db2 11.5 (runs on support)
    • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and 2019
    • Support for Apple Safari 12.0 (Mac only)
    • Support for Microsoft Active Directory 2019
  • Added information for new Releases and Fix Packs
    • Maximo Asset Management
    • Maximo Linear Asset Manager 7.6.1
    • Maximo Calibration 7.6.1
    • Maximo Scheduler 7.6.8
    • Maximo Scheduler Optimization 7.6.8
    • Maximo for Life Sciences 7.6.1
    • Maximo for Utilities 7.6.1
    • Maximo Spatial Asset Management 7.6.1
10 June 2020
  • WebSphere 9.0.5.x is supported with 7.6.0.x and 7.6.1.x
  • Support for client Operating System for IBM Control Desk 7.6.1
1 June 2020
  • Added Windows Server 2019 support
20 May 2020
  • Added in notes section under languages tab clarification for multilingual support and specifically for Turkish.
  • Added Oracle 19c support for IBM Control Desk with Tivoli's Process Automation Engine and newer but with run on support only
  • Added Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c support for IBM Control Desk
  • Added IBM Control Desk 7.6.1 also supports WebSphere Application Server Liberty in the same way that Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1 does.
  • Added  minimum hardware requirements column for Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1.
  • Added in notes section IBM Maximo Work Centers on mobile supported browser
20 April 2020
Added Oracle 19c Real Application Clusters (RAC) support
For Maximo Product Coexistenc​e (product versions that are formally supported together) go to Maximo product coexistenc​e matrix 7.6.x.

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20 October 2023