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Maximo dropdown menus stop working after applying hotfix



After applying Maximo7116-hotfix, the drop-down menus in different Maximo applications stop working.


Click on a drop-down menu and nothing happens ( the menu does not display).


This is a side-effect of applying the hotfix for APAR #: IZ89746 (Issue: 10-20440) that was released in this hotfix set. Please refer to the readme that was released with the hotfix.
This change was not intended to be enabled on all customer environments.
The Maximo development team is aware of the issue and is working on fixing it so that all customers could make use of the new dojo-based UI.

Resolving The Problem

1. Go to System Configuration -->Platform Configuration --> System Properties

Set system properties values :

webclient.dojo = 0

mxe.webclient.dojocalendar = 0

2.Save and live refresh the two system properties values changed .

Related Information

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Modified date:
17 June 2018