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Maximo Asset Management interim fix 013 released

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As with all Interim Fixes, Maximo Asset Management interim fix 013 is cumulative. It includes all fixes contained in earlier Interim Fixes, with the addition of new fixes listed in this post.


Tivoli's process automation engine interim fix 013 is available at Fix Central.


Application Name



Service Requests

In the Service Requests application, the search icon size is incorrect in Internet Explorer.



Follow up work orders cannot be created if the crossover field CLASSSTRUCTUREDID is associated to a crossover domain of ASSETCROSSCI.


Graphical Scheduling

In the Graphical Scheduling application, after you run the Critical Path Method, the duration of child work orders is incorrect.


Graphical Scheduling

In the Graphical Scheduling application, when you add a tool to a work order, the tool has a blue color instead of a yellow color to indicate that it is available.


Graphical Scheduling

In the Graphical Scheduling application, when you calculate the percent complete for a work order or task, the result is not shown.


Graphical Scheduling

In the Graphical Scheduling application, when you create a resource filter in the Graphical View tab, the filter is not saved.



In the Inventory application, when entering inventory balance records users, you encounter an error that says that an unknown error has occurred.



In the Invoices application, you are unable to approve invoices with matching receipts.


All Applications

In the List View tab, when you use the Previous record button to navigate through records, the At first record message appears before you reach the first record.


Preventive Maintenance

In the Preventive Maintenance application, when you generate a work order that has direct issue items, an error occurs.



In the Receiving application, hyphens in item names and descriptions cause text wrapping issues in the Select Ordered Items screen.


Request for Quotations

In the Request for Quotations application, when you invoke an action to copy purchase requisition lines to the request, general ledger information is not copied for the vendor.


Scheduling Alternate Resources

In the Scheduling Alternate Resources application, the application export function is limited to exporting only one record.


Service Requests

In the Service Requests application, the text size is not consistent across different fields when it is displayed in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.


Software Catalog

In the Software Catalog application, attackers can execute malicious scripts.


Start Center

In the Start Center application, in a Result Set portlet that requires a scroll bar, columns are not aligned correctly when they are viewed in a Firefox browser.


Start Center

In the Start Center application, regardless of the browser that is used, only half the width of the scroll bar is displayed.


System Properties

In the System Properties application, when you update properties that relate to font size and the direction of labels, the system does not display labels consistently.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking application, when you click the Plans tab on an open Work Order, a delay occurs before the tab loads.


All Applications

Text wrapping across all applications is based on browser width, not on the settings that are specified in the system properties.


Purchase Orders

When a purchase order is revised through a MIF integration, the Receipts value is changed from COMPLETE to NONE.


All Applications

When the mxe.doclink.securedAttachment system property is set to true, hyperlinks that are added to an application redirect to an incorrect URL.


System User Interface

When you close a record and then exit and return to that record, text that is in rich text editor (RTE) fields is not read-only.


Desktop Requisitions

When you create a requisition and supply values to all required fields, error BMXAA2967E occurs when you click Continue.


All Applications

When you try to open an attachment using the Internet Explorer browser, an error occurs.


All Applications

When you use the IoT18 skin, the width of the Description field is fixed which cause the text to wrap around.


Conditional Monitoring

In the Condition Monitoring application, when an Upper Limit Job Plan or Lower Limit Job Plan is specified, the priority is not set from the original job plan or preventive maintenance.


Start Center

In the Start Center application, the Inbox Assignment portlet does not wrap text as specified in the system properties.

IBM Control Desk and use Tivoli's process automation engine This interim fix can be applied to Control Desk and

For product compatibility, see Control Desk, Maximo and Tivoli's process automation engine version compatibility.

To install, see Installing an interim fix in Maximo 7.6.

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