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Maximo Anywhere 7.6.1 and MobileFirst 7.1 - What happened to 'Preview as common resource' ?

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Maximo Anywhere 7.6.1 and MobileFirst 7.1 - What happened to 'Preview as common resource' ?


Last Thursday (September 22, 2016) Maximo Anywhere's latest version 7.6.1 was released which can be installed on all versions of Maximo 7.6 currently released as well as Maximo and higher.  This release adds some new features and rolls up previous features added to the last ISM release for Maximo Anywhere 7.6. 


One of the major changes from Maximo Anywhere 7.6 is that the latest release of 7.6.1 now requires a  platform update to MobileFirst 7.1.   The installation and configuration with the Maximo Anywhere run time is very similar to what we've seen in the past so I'm not going to document the process, however there are some major changes to the UI and the removal of one feature many of our customers out there may of become accustom to when testing Maximo Anywhere applications.


The functionality I'm talking about is the 'Preview as common resource' option, this option provided the ability to test limited functionality of your Android and iOS Anywhere applications via the browser.  The option for MobileFirst 6.3 shows as you see below and was removed from MobileFirst 7.1 for security concerns around having the ability to preview against a production application.




What you will see for this same entry in your MobileFirst 7.1 console for Maximo Anywhere 7.6.1 is the following,  on top of the skin changes you will notice there is no option to preview the application as a common resource.  In a production setting you are only able to use the application via a device running the associated Maximo Anywhere application.




You may be asking, how you can test your applications, customization's and data without a device?  The option you have is to use the Integrated Development environment in eclipse,  using MobileFirst Studio with the internal WebSphere Liberty Server will display the preview option and allow you to test logging in and the adapter connection to your application.  The reason studio allows you to do this is because the MobileFirst server is being launched internally and is not running in production.   The setup of MobileFirst studio is just a few steps and detailed instructions can be found on our Knowledge Center here.  Once the internal MobileFirst server is launched and your applications are deployed via eclipse you will now see a preview button as seen below.





After you click on preview you should get the Maximo Anywhere Log in screen you would normally expect to see when previewing in your MobileFirst console.





That's it for today, moving forward with the Maximo Anywhere 7.6.1 release I will be blogging some other information regarding the latest platform updates as well as some new feature configuration such as push notifications.  If you have any comments questions or concerns please feel free to comment below.


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