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Maximo and Base Services Fixpack & Interim Fix Readme Files for 7.5.0 Releases

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All Maximo and TPAE/base service 7.5.0 fix pack and interim fix readme files are now available from one location for your convenience. NOTE: Short term fixes (not fixpacks) are referred to as hotfixes for 7.1 and interim fixes for 7.5 and the terms are often used interchangeably


Read about how Maximo fixes work at the bottom of this page.

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IBM employs a current minus 2 (current - 2) availability policy for Maximo and TPAE/Base Services fix packs. The current fix pack and up to two previous fix packs are available for download. Any fix pack beyond the past two fix packs is no longer available. You must download either the current fix pack or one of the supported fix packs.

On this page we provide the cumulative README file for all currently released 7.5.0 fix packs as well as each cumulative interim fix README file for each of the fix packs. NOTE: There is only 1 fix pack README file because the file contains the complete list of all fixes applied since 7.5.0 was released. There is only interim fix readme for each fix pack because it contains the complete list of all fixes applied since the fix pack was released. On this page will be one fix pack readme and multiple interim fix readme files (one interim readme for each fix pack).

In the README files, there are three sections that contain cumulative information. X denotes the fix pack number:

  • New platform support added in 7.5.0.X
  • Issues resolved in the Base Services 7.5.0.X fix pack
  • Enhancements for Maximo Asset Management 7.5.0.X

When searching the fix pack README file, use those text strings and replace the X with the fix pack number and search to easily find the information that you need or just search on "New platform", "Issues resolved", or "Enhancements" to find all instances of this type of content.

In the cumulative interim or hot fix README files, each fix begins with a heading "Begin IFXXX where X denotes the fix number. To search for the start of each fix, using a text editor search for "Begin IF".

Click on the file that corresponds to the fix you want to read about.

7.5.0 Cumulative Fix Pack Readme File - LatestMaximoFixpackReadMe_750.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - LatestMaximoHotfixReadMe_7500.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - LatestMaximoHotfixReadMe_7501.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - LatestMaximoHotfixReadMe_7502.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - LatestMaximoHotFixReadMe_7503.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - LatestMaximoHotFixReadMe_7504.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - LatestMaximoHotFixReadMe_7505.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - LatestMaximoHotFixReadMe_7506.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - LatestMaximoHotFixReadMe_7507.txt Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File - Cumulative Interim Fix Readme File -

The IBM code fix system is based on the IBM VRMF process. That is, version (V), release (R), modification (M), and fix pack (F). The Maximo fixes included in a fix pack modify the last number in a four digit number. In this case, the VRMF is:
  • Version 7
  • Release 5
  • Modification 0
  • Fix pack X

    Identified as 7.5.0.X. The fix and update process for Maximo is based on two types of fixes. The first is called a fix pack which is a tested release of code with all known fixes prior to the code freeze date for 7.5.0. When applied, this code changes the forth digit in the VRMF.

    The second fix type is called an Interim or Hotfix fix (these terms mean the same thing). These fixes are cumulative at the fix pack level. These are fixes that are immediately required by clients who cannot wait for the next fix pack release. Interim fixes released up to the point of the code freeze for the next fix pack are rolled into the next fix pack and the next cumulative interim fix process begins again with the release of the fix pack. Interim fixes do not increment the VRMF number associated with the product that you have installed.

[{"Product":{"code":"SSLKT6","label":"IBM Maximo Asset Management"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Component":"--","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"7.5","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB59","label":"Sustainability Software"}}]

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