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Manually retrieve the contents of MyFolder

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How to manually retrieve the contents of MyFoder of the user whose CAMID has changed


Structural changes in the Authentication Source


If user does not have the SDK available and the authentication source backup is misplaced, there is a manual way of restoring the MyFolder Contents.

Run a Content Manager Maintenance Task which checks the namespace in question, from which the user was deleted..

(User must have the required permission to access Cognos Administration functionality)

When prompted for run options choose “Find only”, don’t FIX anything as this will remove the user object and the MyFolders

Once the task has been run display the outcome by going to the task’s “more…” -> View Run History option. From the most recent run click “View run history details” and find the CAMID of the deleted users.

Log in to Cognos Connection and create a backup folder at the root of Public Folders which shall take on the contents of the MyFolders. Once created view the properties of that folder and obtain it’s search path

Access <GW_host>:<GW_port>/<alias>/cm_tester.htm
This will bring up some Java Script controlled page which can be used to send commands to Content Manager.

Press “Options”

In the upcoming dialog specify your Content Manager URI and press “Test…” to verify it’s working. You will see the Content Manager status page if the connection can be established fine.

Press “Close” to exit this dialogue.

If you followed the steps in the correct order you will already have been logged on to Cognos and hence will have a CAM_PASSPORT cookie in your browser session. This will be reflected in cm_tester as well.

If not follow these steps to authenticate.

Press “Log On…” in the upper left

In the upcoming dialog specify namespaceID and credentials of a member of the System Administrator Role. Press “Log On” to authenticate to Cognos and see a passportID appearing in screen like shown above.

Continue with issuing a copy operation like this

From the “choose a request template” drop-down select “copy”

Press “Send” now
Prompts will appear which prompt for PATH and TARGET_PATH.
For PATH enter the Search path deducted from the Maintenance Task output and append /folder[@name='My Folders'] to it.

Example: CAMID(“openldap:u:cn=user2,ou=people”)/folder[@name=’My Folders’].

For TARGET_PATH enter the search path of the newly created backup folder.
Wait for the command to complete, once completed some content will be displayed in the lower frame.

All objects from the user’s MyFolder will now have been copied to the backup folder.

NOTE: The information provided in this technote is an extract from the proven practice document titled "Handling Security Changes" to isolate a non-SDK solution to retrieve users "My Folders" when their CAMID has changed. If above steps are not carried out carefully you may not get the desired result. For any queries related to any of the above steps contact IBM Cognos support.

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