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Making a Field Required for Everyone in Maximo using Data Restrictions

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Is it possible to make a field Required for everyone in Maximo


In the Security Groups application, in the Select Action menu there is a Global Data Restriction option.
In the dialog there are two tabs, select the Attribute tab.
The attribute tab allows you to create an attribute level restriction.
Select the Attribute tab and select the New Row button.
Enter the object value for the table the attribute belongs to.
Enter the attribute value.
If you want the restriction to be specific to an application enter an application value.
Leave this blank for it to restrict in all applications it appears in.
Select the type, in this case Required
Use the double arrows next to the Condition field to launch to the Condition Expression Manager application to create your condition or if you already have a condition associate it.
After all active user sessions that existed before the change end, the users will see this change take effect.

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17 June 2018