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MA6O: IBM WebSphere MQ - UNIX Administration Tool



This freeware tool is a shell program that makes use of the original IBM utilities for administering IBM WebSphere MQ, while offering enhanced reliability, power, and ease of use.

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This freeware tool allows the use of extended regular expressions to match not only the name objects but also their attributes. It is flexible about error logging, is robust, and provides a suitable return code at a user defined timeout - regardless of the state of the system resources. It supports remote administration (including z/OS) almost as if the remote queue managers were on the local system.

Possible Uses
This utility can be used to ease and enhance everyday support tasks in the UNIX shell, and can be used in batch mode at system start-up and shutdown, or as a very reliable cluster agent.

It can be used to:
• Alter a whole set of IBM MQ objects the same way, with one single command from the shell, by using wild cards for runmqsc anywhere in an object name (not just at the end).
• Automatically clean up the memory after stopping queue managers.
• Inspect a queue manager error log.
• Start and stop all queue managers on a system with one short command.

The UNIX derivatives currently supported are:
• Solaris
• Linux

A PDF manual and an online manual are included with this utility. Note that the name assigned to this SupportPac in the documentation is simply "mq".

Skill Level Required
Basic knowledge of the administration of IBM WebSphere MQ for UNIX from the shell is required.

New in this Release
• Newly supported features of IBM WebSphere MQ 7.0:
- Publish/subscribe objects TOPIC and SUB.
- All new command-line options. Existing options of MA6O have been renamed where required.
- Backup and multi-instance queue managers incl. new configurable entities.

Author: Johannes Boehm-Maeder, ti&m AG (Switzerland)
Category: 4
Released: 14Jan04
Last Updated: 22May13
Current Version: 2.6.02
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IBM WebSphere MQ for UNIX 6.0 or later is required.

Please note: Version 7.1 or later are not supported by MA6O

Installation Instructions

See documentation (the name assigned to this SupportPac in the documentation is simply "mq").

The link below contains SupportPac documentation in PDF format. Refer to URL: for an Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer.

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27 January 2022