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MA0T: WebSphere MQ - Message Test Utility



MsgTest is a command line program that can execute scripts that simulate the flow of messages between applications that use IBM WebSphere MQ.

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MsgTest is a command line based program that can execute scripts that simulate the flow of messages between applications that use IBM WebSphere MQ.

»Load data from a file to an IBM MQ queue so that an application that reads from the queue can be tested.

»Read messages from an IBM MQ queue and compare the actual message with a file to see if it matches the expected result.

»Get messages from one queue and put them on another.

»Put a message with an RFH2 header on a queue to test a message flow written for the WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker product.

Simple programming and knowledge of IBM MQ.

• New feature that reports the location of a mismatch between the content of the buffer and the regular expression it is being compared against.

Author: Tim Armstrong
Category: 4
Released: 14Jan04
Last Updated: 30Jul08
Current SupportPac Version: 1.3.0
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Installation Instructions

Refer to MsgTest.pdf in the zip file.

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