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List of Microsoft Excel-supported functionality by menu in IBM Cognos TM1 Web (.NET)

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Provides a detailed list of the Microsoft® Excel functionality and compatibility with IBM® Cognos® TM1® Web in the Cognos TM1 software for 9.5 - 10.1.1.


The IBM Cognos TM1 Web User Guide provides a guideline list of supported and unsupported Microsoft Excel functionality. You can find this list on the IBM Cognos TM1 Information Center at Supported Excel Functions (

The following table provides some additional information regarding Excel functionality that will or will not work with Cognos TM1 Web.

  • Not Supported: The specified functionality or object does not work in Cognos TM1 Web.
  • Supported: Standard usage of the Excel functionality works in Cognos TM1 Web as expected, however custom usage may not behave as expected. For best results, restrict usage to the standard functionality of the supported option.

All Excel functionality that appears and works in Cognos TM1 Web has been coded to do so. Therefore, custom options are less likely to work in Cognos TM1 Web. For best results, try to restrict usage to the standard functionality of the supported options.

In general, Cognos TM1 Web does not currently support any new 2007/2010 functionality such as the newer Conditional Formatting capabilities (support for >3 conditions, icons, etc.), and expanded row and column support.

Microsoft Excel menus and IBM TM1 Web support levels

Supported and unsupported IBM Cognos TM1 Web features organized by Microsoft Excel menus.

Excel Menus

Home menu | Insert | Page Layout | Data | Developer | Review | View


Active X Controls | Area | Chart Formatting | Bar | Bold, Underline, Italics | Borders | Buttons | Charts | Checkboxes | Cell Protection | Codes add-ins | Columns | Conditional Formatting | Cone | Controls | Cylinder | Diagonal Borders | Drop Downs | Fill and Text color | Filter | Fonts | Format as table | Forms | Formulas | Freeze Panes | General Charting comments | Gridlines | Group | Header/Footer | Hyperlinks | Illustrations | Indent | Label | Legend Placement | Line color | Lines | List Box | Merge and Center | Multiple rules | Number | Option Buttons | Orientation | Pictures and Clip Art | Pie | Pivot and Inserted Tables | Predefined styles | Pyramid | Radar | Scatter | Scroll Bar | Shapes, Smart Art and Screenshots | Shrink to fit | Signature line | Sparklines | Spinner | Stacked | Stock | Styles | Surface | Symbol | Tables | Text | Top Bottom Data Bars | WordArt | Wrap Text | Zoom

Support Level
HomeFontsFont and size support depends on the fonts available on the web server. An attempt is made to match the requested font and size. If unable to match font and size, the software uses a default selection.  Note that the Wingdings font does not work in Mozilla Firefox (this is a Firefox restriction) but does work in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  Bold, underline and Italic Supported
  Borders  Supported
  Line styles Not all line styles work. Standard, dotted, dashed, double, and thick line styles work. The dots and dashes combined do not. Try the one you want to confirm.
  Diagonal borders  Not supported
  Line color  Supported
  Fill and text color  Supported
 AlignmentTop, Middle, Bottom, Right, Center, Left  Supported
  Orientation  Not supported
  Indent Supported
  Wrap text Supported partially - rows will not expand to show wrapped text within an active form.
  Shrink to fit Not supported
  Merge and Center Supported
 NumberMost Formatting types work: 

General, Number, Accounting, Percent, Date, Time

Note:  Accounting formatting does not line up the dollars signs to the left as in Excel.

  $, %, , and number of decimal places Supported
 StylesConditional Formatting Only the 2003 style conditional formats are supported: basic cell rules are supported with the following limitations:
  Multiple rules If you have more than 3 rules, only 3 convert over to the web and not necessarily in the order you defined them.

Top/Bottom, Data Bars
Not supported
  Format as Table Not supported
  Predefined styles Most work
InsertTablesPivot Tables and Inserted Tables Not supported

Underlying data in the table shows up on the web, but no formatting or filters are displayed.

 Illustrations Pictures and clip art


 Generally works (.gif, .wmf, .jpg, .png).
  Shapes, Smart Art and Screenshots Not supported
 ChartsColumns2D and 3D  Columns, Stacked and 100% StackedSupported

Note that the percentage axis does not format correctly.

   2D and 3D Cylinder, Clustered CylinderSupported
   ConeNot supported (displays as columns)
   PyramidNot Supported
  Lines Supported, with Markers works but you need to switch from automatic to built-in Marker type to get specific marker to be used
   Stacked , 100% Stacked Line, 3D LineNot supported
  PiePie, 3D Pie,  Exploded Pie, 3D Exploded PieSupported
   Pie of Pie, Bar of PieNot supported
  Bar2D and 3D  Bars, Stacked and 100% StackedSupported

Note that the percentage axis does not format correctly

   2D and 3D Cylinder, Clustered CylinderSupported
   ConeNot supported

Displays as columns

   Pyramid Not supported
  AreaArea, Stacked area, 100% Stacked AreaSupported
   3D Area, 3D Stacked Area, 100% 3D Stacked AreaSupported
  XY Scatter
Not supported
  Stock Not Supported
  Surface Not supported
 General Charting comments
    • Graphs are converted to a web based graphing package and will not match Excel exactly.
    • Limited support for chart specific formatting
    • Percentage axis do not format correctly (adding extra zero’s) on the 100% charts
   Legend placementNeeds to be in one of the pre-defined options (top, bottom, left or right).  Top right does not work and defaults to right. Any manual dragging causes Legend to appear in the default right location.
   2007/2010 automatic chart formatting
    • Is not recognized.
    • Colors, marker types, default formatting are not recognized.

    • You must set a specific option (move off of automatic setting).
   Data labels (value only) work but only appear in the default location
    • On a pie, data label value, percentage appears with same location and formatting limitations if it is selected .
    • Number formatting is not recognized.
  Sparklines Not supported
  Filter Not supported
  Hyperlinks To a web pageSupported
   To a fileNot supported (causes sheet to not display at all)
   To a place in the document Supported
   E-mail address Supported
  TextText boxSome text displays: no formatting, and no multiple lines of text
   Header & FooterDoes not display on web but does display on export
   Word Art Not supported
   Signature lineNot supported with same location and formatting limitations as other kinds of text
  SymbolsEquationNot supported
   SymbolDepends on web server support but can display
Page Layout  Mostly not applicable to viewing on the web.  Turning off grid lines is supported.
 Gridlines If gridlines are enabled in an Excel worksheet, they also display in the associated Cognos TM1 Websheet except for the following scenarios involving background color (cell shading):

If gridlines are enabled in Excel and a background color is applied to the entire worksheetThe gridlines do not display in either Excel or the associated Websheet.
   If gridlines are enabled in Excel and a background color is applied to only a range of cells in a worksheet The gridlines for those cells are hidden in Excel but remain visible in the associated Websheet.
Formulas See the IBM Cognos TM1 Web User Guide for information on supported formulas.  Note that even for supported functions, not all parameters work or may only work for certain use cases.  Submit enhancements if you believe a function is commonly used but is not working in the web environment.
Data (where applicable)  FilterNot supported.
   Data ValidationSupported with the exception of 'Allow Custom' which is not supported.
   Group Not supported.

Cognos TM1 Web shows whatever is showing or not.  No plus option shows up on the web.

Review  Cell Protection


Can lock cells from being able to do any input or changes.  Unlike Excel, where locked cells are not selectable, cells are still selectable in the web.  Do not put passwords on files that you are publishing to the web or the files will not be able to be converted to a web file.
View  ZoomNot supported
   Freeze PanesSupported
Developer  Codes, Add-Ins, XML, Document Panel Not Supported
  ControlsForms Note that no code can be run in Cognos TM1 Web (macros, VB) however, certain objects can be used with Cognos TM1 Web.
   ButtonsNot supported
   Drop DownsSupported
   Check BoxesSupported
   SpinnerNot supported
   Scroll Bar Not supported
   List BoxSupported
   Option ButtonsSupported
   Label Not supported
  Active X ControlsNote that no code can be run in the Cognos TM1 Web (macros, VB) however, certain objects can be used with Cognos TM1 Web. 
   ButtonsNot supported
   Drop DownsSupported
   Check BoxesSupported
   SpinnerNot supported
   Scroll BarNot supported
   List BoxSupported
   Option ButtonsSupported
   LabelLimited support

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