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List of fixed APARs in IBM Data Server Manager

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This document lists the fixed APARs and other key issues in different modifications of IBM® Data Server Manager


IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.5.3 - Interim Fixes

  • DSM V2.1.5.3 Interim Fixes is the full DSM code without the license
  • DSM V2.1.5.3 Interim Fixes are cumulative
  • There is no need to install DSM V2.1.5.3 before installing the Interim Fix

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.5.3 - Interim Fix 1

July 5th, 2019 - Build 20190702_1507

APAR Fix Description
IT29338 Package Cache "View details", data and index hit ratios are displayed incorrectly in the IO
IT29654 Updating repository table HEALTHMETRICS.MESSAGESNAPSHOT leading to transaction log full
PH06143 Autonomics: Support Q4 2018 DSM Maintenance
PH04871 Autonomcis: Missing Job Profile Build Output when running a build from DSM
PH06142 Autonomcis: Q4 2018 DSM Maintenance

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.5.3

June 27, 2019 - Build 201906

APAR Fix Description
IT26384 Holding database transaction logs when deleting data from IBM_RTMON.ACTIVITY_STMT table
IT26686 Not able to add databases during discovering
IT27387 Top SQL reports (dashboard and jobs) are ignoring sort by order
IT27861 HADR submenu in Overview should not be shown when connecting to HADR database with DB2 version prior to
IT27862 Incorrect interval start time and end time of scheduled Top SQL jobs
IT27863 HealthSnapshotLogger logfile is filled with sql exception: SQLCODE=-104, SQLSTATE=42601
IT27864 "Ignore new requests from package cache history because access plan recorder could not handle data in time" error message in DS_system
IT27865 Replacing tpsp_utilization with MON_TBSP_UTILIZATION for activity event monitor validation
PH07954 error when selecting statements from a user-defined repository
IT28337 ZRC=0x80090005=-2146893819=SQLI_DUPKEY "Duplicate key violation" error in db2diag.log
IT28372 Alert SQLs leading to lock waits on the repository database
IT28373 Explain in SQL Editor cannot recognize default schema set via Stored Procedure
IT28374 removed
PH09526 Expecting PLANME not PLANNAME when optimize/Start tuning/ User defined repository
PH09845 Query tuning job ends with -418 when chosing Catalog package as the source for the capture
IT28503 Missing information when creating Accelerator trace
IT28566 Text is not readable when explain output is exported as an image
IT28597 Upgrade jdbc driver version to 4.25 which is compatible with Db2 V11.1.4.4
IT28746 SQLCODE=-219, SQLSTATE=42704 error when Access plan changes alert is enabled
IT28957 Add Candidate Index option not working when using One Time Password Logon
IT28964 LDAP security preventing execution of privilegemgmt.bat/ scripts
Additional indexes to improve the performance on the repository database
IT29082 Performance issue when deleting data from Activity event monitor table

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.5.2

December 13, 2018 - Build 20181210_0801

APAR Fix Description
IT22387 Not pruning old logs for User Defined Alerts
IT23819 Displaying userid in Client Accounting field but not in User ID (or Client user ID) field(s)
IT24002 Adminsiter -> Database -> Backup -> Tablespace screen hangs/crashes when fetching table space list
IT24770 Add tablespace option in create.sql
IT25114 No scroll bar on the right side of the screen
IT25889 Not deleting job history
IT26207 Compare Job e-mail alerts showing "This area is left intentionally blank"
IT26366 Keeps showing BASE capabilities even after updating DB2 AESE license
IT26422 User Defined Alerts e-mail body is empty
IT26423 Not able to find databases when the instance has a special build
IT26691 Query on tablespace utilization responsible for many lock_waits
IT26725 Slowness when showing list of tablespaces
IT26747 Showing "Connection is never connected" status after using script for blackout event
IT26927 -list command is showing empty output
IT27008 Truncate table statement is not compatible with database online backup
IT27118 Not capturing historical data when HADR_Role is missing
IT27166 Failed to open bluhelix dashboard from DSM due to connectionTimeOUT exception
IT27168 Table Schema, Table Name, Data Partition Identifier columns are missing in Realtime Utilities for Reorg
IT27230 SSH issue while finding instance
IT27234 Unable to access UDA Logs Screen
IT27278 Adding an user in DSM, user is not added and message shows User profile is created successfully
IT27279 Replacing SYSIBMADM.APPLICATIONS to MON_GET_APPL_INFO for alert when connecting to 10.5+ database
IT27280 Cannot edit monitoring profile when browser language is French
IT27281 Longest UOW in Top Consumer showing stopped UOW and elapse time keep going
IT27297 High constant reads in repository database
IT27358 CPU consumption increasing when using DSM V2.1.5

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.5.1

September 21, 2018 - Build 20180913_1827

APAR Fix Description
IT23754 Failed jobs from the schedule are not getting displayed in the 'Job History' page
IT23858 privilegemgmt.bat/ scripts not supporting LDAP authentication
IT24690 Long running query on the monitored database
IT25045 V2.1.5 is shipped with expired SSL certificate
IT25101 Send Notification check boxes are gray out in Alert configuration
IT25122 All HADR/Purescale connections becomes standard database when exporting/importing database connections
IT25170 Causing locktimeout on table SYSIBM.SYSINDEXES
IT25501 Infinite loop when clicking on Access Graph tab
IT25508 Tuning job page hangs if 1-time password has expired
IT25619 Tablespace being created with a regular tablespace with a container, instead of automatic storage
IT25976 Few queries reading huge number of rows from default in memory monitoring collection
IT25988 Not able to find DB2 databases in V2.1.5
IT26028 1-time password timeout setting configurable
IT26056 Keeps creating and dropping event monitor on the monitored database
IT26059 Large amount of tempspace
IT26111 enablesysplex and enableclient affinity cannot be true at same time error message
IT26208 Remove required memory message from In-Memory in Monitoring profile
IT26422 User Defined Alerts e-mail body is empty
IT27845 Not deleting historical data when removing the database connection
PI96528 Execute the statement SET CURRENT SCHEMA="" and fails with -104 error
PI90791 Autonomcis: This Roll Up APAR provides the following:
1) Support the ability to build job profiles from Web UI
2) Add support to Automation Tool for IBM DB2 Epic 37738.
This will include the following DB2 V11 keywords for the
PI96819 Autonomcis: Allow the Web UI (DSM) to build Job Profiles

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.5 - Interim Fixes

  • DSM V2.1.5 Interim Fixes is the full DSM code without the license
  • DSM V2.1.5 Interim Fixes are cumulative
  • There is no need to install DSM V2.1.5 before installing the Interim Fix

July 20, 2018 - Build 20180716_1550

APAR Fix Description
IT25156 When installing IBM Data Server Manager (DSM) version 2.1.5 on a windows operating system, an error such as "<install_path> not recognized" is generated if the specified installation directory path contains spaces. This error is reported when executing some of the *. bat files that are located within the <install_path>/bin folder.
IT24795 After migrating a DSM instance from version 2.1.3 to version 2.1.5, if the connection name contains "." or " ", the user cannot view the results for the corresponding jobs.
IT24565 After migrating a DSM instance to version 2.1.5 or to version 2.1.5 interim fix , historical package cache data is not collected.
IT24947 After migrating a DSM instance to version 2.1.5 or to version 2.1.5 interim fix, an error such as "" is reported repeatedly in the DS_System.0 log.
IT24773 The java file "jackson-databind" that is packaged with DSM version 2.1.5 requires an update, to address specific security vulnerabilities such as "Insecure Deserialization Vulnerability (CVE-2017-7525, CVE-2017-17485, CVE-2018-5968)".
IT24309 The function that evicts idle connections from the connection pool is not enabled for the Apache connection pool. This results in timeout issues when attempting to borrow an idle connection after a long period of time.
IT25508 When attempting to EXPLAIN a query based on RUNSTATS recommendation, an error is generated if the recommended column does not exist in the table that is being queried.
IT24589 After migrating a DSM instance to version 2.1.5 or to version 2.1.5 interim fix , higher CPU usage is detected on the DSM server.
IT25102 After migrating a DSM instance to version 2.1.5 or to version 2.1.5 interim fix, in a Db2 pureScale environment configured for HADR, an increased number of connections are created to the repository database.
IT25528 When the timeout setting in a user-defined alert schedule fails, alerts are generated erroneously and continuously.
PI95596 Query Workload Tuner for z/OS does not display Accelerators

RFE  112966

Implement DSM privilege assignment by using Db2 role with UDF.

Contents fixed for IDAA

  1. Mask the Save trace function (FTP) for IDAA traces for GDPR compliance.
  2. Monitor functionality availability for v5 IDAA.
  3. Replication enablement for v7 IDAA.
  4. Issues related to repository for IDAA components in DSM. 

March 9, 2018 - Build 20180306_1555

APAR Fix Description
  1. When two instances of IBM Data Server Manager (DSM) are installed on a UNIX system, using two separate user accounts, the last-created user cannot log into DSM.
  2. When two instances of DSM are installed on the same system, running a shell script on one instance to determine the status of a stopped instance returns a SERVER STATUS: ACTIVE value.  This should return an INACTIVE value.
  3. Some JVM options used by DSM do not include the equals (=) operator between keys and values.
    For example, the option Dhttps.protocols=SSL_TLSv2 is appearing as Dhttps.protocolsSSL_TLSv2.
    As a result, any functions using these JVM options become invalid.
IT24001 After migrating a previous version of DSM to version 2.1.5, email notifications are not sent when alerts are generated.
When using an SMTP server for DSM user authentication, after migrating a DSM instance to version 2.1.5, operations fail to generate email notifications when thresholds have been hit.
IT23830 When performing an LDAP search from DSM V2.1.5, to determine the final list of DSM users and their privileges, hitting an LDAP Size Limit constraint will cause the search to fail. 
IT24947 After migrating from DSM V2.1.4 to V2.1.5, the DS_System.0 log is spammed with the error message ERROR   ProcessRunner:run failed.
  1. The credential checking time/interval setting does not take effect when manually changed. When the ID/PW used to connect to a database become invalid, DSM will continuously try to use the wrong ID/PW to connect to the database.
  2. If a user attempts to log into DSM before all plugins are started, DSM will reject the login attempt.
  3. If a user attempts to run a SQL statement that is larger than 1 MB from within the SQL Editor, the process will hang. 

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.5
January 19, 2018

APAR Fix Description
IT19358 SQLException at DocStoreFolderGrid.getDCFolder
IT19967 Alerts recommending changes for metrics with AUTOMATIC configuration in DB2
IT20732 Locktimeouts on the monitored database when enabling table invalid option from alert monitoring
IT20828 zPARMs not getting collected by Data Server Manager CMz
IT20977 Not accepting passwords with special characters
IT20978 Accessing HADR standby databases even when the database is on an inactive monitoring profile
IT21216 In history mode, calendar dates gray out if past due date is selected
IT21217 Not closing alerts when there is no lock event
IT21332 Timestamp reported in the configuration changes is not correct
IT21521 Not showing all tablespaces in Monitor --> Storage --> Table Space Performance
IT21635 SQLCODE=-601 error in RtmonWeb log file
IT21885 Taking too long to send the e-mail alert
IT22022 Query tuning fails with Java exception when repository database uses Kerberos for authentication
IT22059 Not generating details in the job execution e-mail notification
IT22096 Arithmetic overflow or other arithmetic exception occurred.. error
IT22170 Not collecting zparm/ptf data for systems that are in data sharing group
IT22249 In [Setting] -> [Blackout event] shows Chinese characters for a Japanese environment
IT22290 High network traffic when monitoring Pure-Scale database
IT22328 Not returning tuning results
IT22373 LDAP error when configuration has special characters
IT22579 Garbled characters occurs when creating report
IT22731 Authentication not working when userid length is less than 8 characters
IT22749 Not sending alerts for tablespace and file system full
IT22773 Maximum row limit not being considered to select data from table in browse data query
IT22789 Showing different values between Grid and Card View in the Card View window
PI89026 OQWTz "Unable to get property 'getVersion' of undefined or null reference" error when explain tables were not found
IT22829 Table size for only one partition in realtime mode
IT22888 Query tuning always showing English recommendation
IT23122 Unable to load status 500 error when trying to alter tablespace
IT23148 Refreshing tuning job list is too slow
IT23151 Too much tx log being used and causing tx log full
IT23160 Too long to show the list of Subsystems in: Administer --> Configurations --> Compare Configurations, Subsystems
IT23172 Mixed languages when using Internet Explorer
IT23194 Not keeping Use one-time password credentials checkbox in Managed Connection page
IT23356 Realtime locking dashboard is blank
IT23470 "Fail to do request" error when selecting the Statements/In-Flight executions -> Application Handle option
IT23506 Statements --> Package Cache and Generate Report in History Mode that takes considerable longer time, compare to DSM V2.1.3
IT23529 ERROR failed login: <ID>, User_Account_Locked error
PI86312 Autonomcis: This Roll Up APAR fixes the following issues:

1) Web UI: 500 Internal Server Error occurs when
 Creating/Editing a profile name beginning with numeric value
2) S0C4 occurs in Agent when viewing a Utility profile via Data Server Manager
3) Agent/Server: Add Support for SORTDEVT and SORTNUM Keywords to RUNSTATS Utility
4) When adding a new group to Job profile, other profiles(objects/utilities/exceptions) cannot be added to that new group
5) Agent/Server: Profiles created/updated with Share Option "No Access" not being honored

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.4
June 21, 2017

APAR Fix Description
IT16156 VE not picking up schema
IT16487 High CPU usage when monitoring several databases under the same instance
IT17529 Refine error log and add helpful logs for blackout
IT19968 Number of rows returned in Top SQL report should match the selected number
IT19969 Failed to retrieve tuning analysis result error
IT19971 In case of full log, the View Detail does not show the application handle holding the transaction log
IT20086 Unable to configure job notifications in DSM Job Manager
IT20087 Not able to run interactive jobs
IT20167 DSM causing too many latches
IT20248 Current DSM LDAP support does not include parsing of complex DN
IT20444 Time units displayed in top SQL reports is not reasonable
IT20465 Absolute elapsed time for server, network, and client on manage client dashboard
IT20602 Duplicate databases in different monitoring profiles when editing HADR primary databases
IT20641 While tuning for a SQL sometime we see /* no. of rows=(missing) */ against some of the table
IT20723 Storage monitoring report fails against a non-unicode DB2 9.7 database
IT20761 Add/Remove buttons are missing in Compare Jobs Definition
IT20813 Not showing the SQL statement in locking dashboard blocking/waiting applications
IT20878 Wrong DB2 version when the instance has any special build applied
IT20928 Data mismatches in DSM vs. OPM
IT21269 Individual Executions History is displaying incorrect data for certain time frames

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.3
March 15, 2017

APAR Fix Description
IT17457 SYSIBMADM.SNAPDB still used against DB2 V10.5
IT17477 HealthSnapshotLogger FK violation
IT17602 Length of Alert SQL statement exceeds the maximum column length
IT17757 Event Monitor mechanism lead HADR standby into replay window
IT17881 Privilege scripts under dsutil does not work
IT17973 Can't modify defined Job's
IT18159 FETCH FIRST -1 rows exception in DS_System log file
IT18225 DSM displaying wrong subject line in the e-mail alert
IT18450 "An internal error has occurred. Please check the URL and try again" error when generating reports
IT18454 In the new "row based" info, in "graphical mode", DSM shows 0 values for CPU and memory
IT18457 Unable to get start BluhelixMetricsCollectionThread error in DS_System log file
IT18575 Cannot run program "sudo": error in AnalyticsLogger log file
IT18720 Type field isn't displayed in add job panel and OK button is disabled even selecting a database
IT18722 From Alerts screen, CTRL+A selects all screen, not only the SQL statement
IT18726 Query to check for invalid table keeps running, even when Invalid Table is not checked in Recovery Alert from monitoring profile
IT18734 New tables missing in the validate.sql script
IT18800 Only UTC time in track changes page
IT18802 Lock Event Monitor does not work for V9.7 databases
IT18940 DSM receives SQL0873N error when monitoring NON-UNICODE databases
IT18966 Non admin user can not see user defined alerts
IT18977 SSH required for configuration management functions (compare, track change)
IT19045 SQL running for days on monitored databases
IT19253 Missing information in Overview Report
IT19255 SQLCODE -104 on z/OS database when decpoint=comma
IT19256 On Internet Explorer 11, the overview graphs can be shown for the first time only
IT19257 Tuning function option should be available for connection profile owner and user
IT19361 dsmtop crashed with View Top consumers
IT19375 All entries for the databases show as standby after fail over and fall back to primary
IT19403 DTRC implementation End to end monitoring
IT19476 Increase CPU usage when tuning a query
IT19479 Using DB2 LUW admin table functions against DB2 z/OS databases

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.2
December 9, 2016

APAR Fix Description
IT14451 Incorrect time range is used for Historical mode in the utilities tab
IT16831 Custom groups not working properly
IT17005 Job Report History can be deleted by user without enough privilege
IT17008 DPF isn't supported in Query History
IT17050 Temporary files removed from explainCache directory
IT17156 Query History No authorized routine named ENV_GET_REG_VARIABLES for 9.7 monitored databases
IT17244 New databases not seen in Monitoring Profiles
IT17257 Missing label in Overview Report when generating the report on AIX
IT17456 IBM_RTMON_DATA.hadrStateSummary is an undefined name
IT17460 Not able to add another job when creating Job Chain execution
IT17478 Error credential record invalid: null in DS_System log file
IT17515 Redefinition for algorithm to decide table space container alerts
IT17662 No interval definition when scheduling a weekly job
IT17761 LOAD operation shows "null" as SQL in Inflight Execution
IT17871 When BLOCKNONLOGGED set to Yes, "NOT LOGGED INITIALLY" should not be used for DSM tables

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1.1
September 30, 2016

APAR Fix Description
IT13110 Timestamp on the x-axis in the graph report has only time, it does not show the date
IT14705 SRVE8056E - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 4096
IT14721 Mixed language messages in Visual Explain
IT15053 Incorrect time zone in Connection Report
IT15883 Value of threshold for Rows Read and Rows Returned alerts
IT16110 Assignment of a NULL value to a NOT NULL column
IT16157 User privileges resize window problem
IT16205 NullPointer Exceptions when trying to create explain plan
IT16314 License information in about.txt file
IT16423 SqlException:explain not supported
IT16520 ERROR Invalid Credential null userid
IT16592 .. userExists issue
IT16771 SQLCODE -203 error in HealthSnapshotLogger

IBM Data Server Manager V2.1
June 15, 2016

APAR Fix Description
IT09756 Incorrect sorting when CPU values are null in the card applications --> connections
IT10257 DSM taking long time to respond when storage access pattern is selected in monitoring profile
IT10178 Overflow occurred during numeric data type conversion is reported when work with v97 fp8
IT11294 Installation error when installation directory contains space
IT11906 DSM receives SQL0873N error when monitoring NON-UNICODE databases
IT12706 Incorrect CPU metrics in monitoring views
IT14227 DSM can not run explains if DSM user does not have database owner privilege
IT14300 Overview page showing zero for all metrics
IT14356 DSM showing SQLCODE=-1398 error when selecting a partitioned table
IT14709 java.lang.NullPointerException error in dsserver.log file
IT14710 Unable to load/console/tuning/webve status 500 error when generating access plan graph
IT14910 SEVERE: SRVE0157E: setBufferSize() called after first write to Output Stream/Writer in dsserver.log
IT15024 DSM not showing list of Scheduled Commands
IT15104 Storage table dashboard: default columns do not match the checked column
IT15191 Generated DDL to create index in WhatIfAnalysis has invalid option
IT15364 DSM not showing both key metrics and database time breakdown aside when browser is at 100%

IBM Data Server Manager V1.1.2.1
February 26, 2016

APAR Fix Description
IT09796 Report is inconsistent in displaying time information
IT11580 DSM keeps recommending to update statistics
IT11906 No monitoring data for non-unicode DB
IT12730 Alert not generated for "log archived failed"
IT13048 Table Usage Report Graphs are incorrect
IT13538 Generate DDL results with an error with parsing specified parameters by db2look utility
IT13539 Table performance card has nulls for some metrics in range-partitioned tables
IT13570 Monitoring shows "Data pending" with exception "dbconnId is not defined" in OTSMonlite log
IT13571 Running Shell script job fails with null pointer exception
IT13572 Scheduled export job fails due to Incorrect job type specified
IT13574 Switch between different languages, the Job type still shows the first language
IT13576 Number of Tables column should not be under Table Performance tab. It belongs to Schema view
IT13647 Instance command execution timestamp is incorrectly changed when 2nd instance command is executed
IT13752 HealthSnapshotLogger java.lang divide by zero error message
IT13831 Connection leak when there are some alerts turned on
Too many "transaction rollback" alerts without any correlated issued shown in db2diag.log

IBM Data Server Manager V1.1.2
December 11, 2015

APAR Fix Description
IT09798 BP Hit ratio shown as 0% when monitored database is at V10.1
IT10491 Report schedule does not change date interval to allow for practical repeating schedules
IT10527 DB2diag.log file is filled up with event monitor errors
IT11045 Database Explorer shows maximum of 10 rows only
IT11069 No I/O information on Statements dashboard. Applications -> Connections default column choices are wrong
IT11538 High CPU usage SQL on monitored DB
IT11796 Historical monitoring overview results with "Http Error accessing: /console/connectionsData/"
IT11861 Memory consumption is high due to memory leak
IT11862 Visual Explain not responding and DSM consuming more than 90% CPU
IT12026 From Database Explorer, unable to drill down to partitioned index
IT12114 Creating new DSM user results with error message if using FF 41 or later
IT12900 IE:Error table name has Japanese characters
IT12925 Database list is blank

IBM Data Server Manager V1.1.1
June 30, 2015


Known issues
This is a list of known issues which has an APAR tracking the problem.
The issue will be fixed in a future release of DSM.
There is no estimated date of when the fix will be available.

APAR Fix Description
IT17267 Partitioned table size shows zero bytes in Storage history mode
IT18746 When defining a timeout period for a job, the job keeps showing "Started" state forever
IT18979 Error 401: SRVE0295E error when opening View results for a report
IT19534 RUNSTATS job report as running successfully but the job actually failed
IT21505 "--" for "Index pages used" in Storage - Table Performance - Schemas
IT21989 Can not generate report with CSV format via job
IT22026 Combination of SQL and shell scripts in one script is not working
IT22116 Wrong logging e-mail alert when monitoring DPF databases
IT22372 Job execution fails with error "Session.connect:
IT22594 Misleading information for top SQL report for long running SQLs in DPF system
IT22596 PDF report always generated in English
IT22756 Wrong location of email content
IT22830 Different values between DSM and dsmtop
IT22887 temporary table could not be created because there is no available system temporary table space that has a compatible page size.. SQLCODE=-1585, SQLSTATE=54048, DRIVER=4.22.36.
IT22999 All necessary objects in repository database should have been created during setup/startup
IT23429 SSH error when failed to connect to HADR database
IT23556 Database naming config to be same as in db2instance - list
IT23610 Locktimeouts on IBMOTS.TRACK_ACCESS_PLAN_DATA table
IT23727 DB2INSTANCE is always set to "DB2" when running a job
IT23888 The value for average activity time is wrong in realtime monitoring
IT23932 "Limit the number of events recorded" is "100" by default
IT24495 Wrong information in reclaimable column from "Administer/Storage Objects/Table Spaces"
IT24500 Not able to discover databases when there is no instances in one of the DB2 directories
IT24689 DB2 size data in disk space usage report is incorrect
IT24759 Duplicate name error in DS_System log file
IT24760 JVMSHRC287E error when installing DSM on NFS system
IT24772 Databases are not being activated after import
IT24929 Java Update Vulnerability CVE-2018-1417
IT25074 Not redirecting user to login page after logout, when https configuration used is not the default
IT25097 Sending wrong secondary log alerts
IT25098 Parameter index is out of range error when repository is on z/OS monitoring LUW databases
IT25143 User Defined Alerts screen not showing sort icon for a column
IT25240 Slowness after delete operation when having several monitored databases
IT25286 Not sending alerts when the repository database is not configured
IT25544 Showing EML37404E: Attachment missing error, when generating csv format report
IT25627 Not showing user in the list when using LDAP
IT25881 Vulnerabilities after DSM 2.1.5 interim fix from July
IT26004 dsmtop showing a fatal error and crashes when using View-> Memory -> Database memory pools
IT26989 Slowness after migration to V2.1.5.x due to corrupted work directory
IT27703 No Apply button when scrolling down the monitoring profile screen
IT27764 Not saving lock participant history
IT28105 Using deprecated view for database with version above 9.7
IT28284 Locking event monitors and tables disappeared
IT28504 Subdirectory ibm-datasrvrmgr/work/APCALERT using a lot of space from old alerts
IT28642 Screen issues in Administer ==> Configurations option
IT29224 Misleading alert configuration message: "Required Enterprise Edition"
IT29285 Prohibit creation of connection for unsupported database versions
Showing incorrect data for the data and index hit ratios in the IO section
IT29454 LOCKWAIT on a DSMOCM query trying to access the SYSIBM.SYSTABLE table
IT29809 Remove "STATUS" column from Job Definition page
IT29810 Job buttons disappearing
IT29823 Scripts show "cannot login to the server" error message when using HTTPS protocol
PH14866 Workload statements from Query Monitor not showing metrics with DB2 z/OS 12.1.0
IT29842 Connecting to the standby databases, when enabling alerts in the monitoring profile
IT29850 HTTP Error 500 when tuning workload
IT29851 Running query history with join to SQL keys is very slow
PH15024 BaseDataProvider CDIHM00101 error
IT29883 DSM vulnerabilities with the ICU - International Components for Unicode component
IT29906 Disable saving operation credentials for Accelerator menu or Subsystem Dashboard
IT29918 Delete SQL statement causing SQL -1224 error when NUM_LOG_SPAN is configured
IT30038 Not enough space in various CMz UI pages
IT30110 Keeps disabling RTMON_EVMON_ACTIVITIES event monitor
IT30115 Administer/Configurations/Track Changes - PTF listing has a column called 'APPLY DATE, showing APAR closure.
IT30840 Not cleaning up the clientApplcompat property in Database Connection - JDBC properties tab
IT30857 Showing an exception occurred error in DS_System log file
PH18906 Tune job fails with SQLCODE=-4743

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU001","label":"Analytics Private Cloud"},"Product":{"code":"SS5Q8A","label":"IBM Data Server Manager"},"Component":"--","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"2.1.3;2.1.2;2.1.1;2.1;1.1.2;1.1.1;1.1;2.1.4;2.1.5;,,","Edition":""}]

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