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List of APARs included in InfoSphere Information Server Pack for SAP Applications version 8.1

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Use the links in the following table to find detailed information about the APARs included in InfoSphere Information Server Pack for SAP Applications


Pack for SAP Applications, version

JR63648 - BAPI Stage with table parameters enabled aborts with abnormal termination at run time
JR63558 - BAPI stage aborts after reading the invalid value for SAPByteSize

Pack for SAP Applications, version

JR62145 - ABAP Extract job aborts after timeout when DSR3_COMMIT_PACKAGE_SIZE is set & SQL query results in 0 record
JR62411 - 'Communication error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 223' error appears in SAP even after successful completion of ABAP job run
JR62522 - ABAP program syntax error when same Job Parameter used for RFC Destination and Program ID
JR62499 - Not able to run the ABAP Extract Stage in MPP environment (v8.0.0.2 onwards)
JR62704 - SCAPI Bridge patch to support load/write a feature in the OData connector for IS 11.7.1.x
JR62784 - SAP ODATA job created in designer client fails compilation in DFD

Pack for SAP Applications, version

JR61776 - When you parse missing or incomplete records, Delta Extract Stage throws error "java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "000"
JR61751 - Unable to create CTS request in the ABAP job migrated from SAP pack to
JR61825 - Fatal Error: Error occurred. Terminating the job run time. Contact the system administrator
JR61849 - dsidoccln not able to archive idocs when order of "NAME" parameter in DSSAPConnections.config file is auto changed
JR61851 - Delta Extract job occasionally completes without error but extracting zero records or aborts with timeout error
#288 - ABAP Build SQL error when "Search for Table" after buffer overflow occurs
#197 - ABAP Extract Stage GUI - Extraction Object Code generator does not support parameter sets
93081 - ABAP stage "Build Extraction Object", table "Properties" window resizing does not work
224924 - Providing the default option when you generate SQL with the job parameter
247750 - ABAP stage log message IDs appear as IIS-XXXX-XXXX-00000 for parallel jobs (JR50095)
226816 - Increase the allowable line length for the ABAP program (currently limited to 72 chars

Pack for SAP Applications, version

JR61674 - Delta Extract stage v8.2 accesses SAP Functional Modules belonging to previous v8.1
JR61148  - IDOC Extract job segment mismatch warning appears for optional segments
JR61310 -  Random error encountered on Designer canvas for all stages " SAX parser exception thrown:{0} fatalError CC_PropertySet.cpp"
JR61378 - BAPI Server job Aborts with error - 'Exception raised in GCI subroutine: Attempting to Cleanup after ABORT was raised in stage, Data Stage Phantom Aborting with @ABORT.CODE = 3'
JR61404 - Server BAPI job aborting when you process the input for BAPI call
JR61418 - OData connector - importing IMAM metadata (types, 'Edm.Time' and 'Edm.Double') fails with exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException at (included in required prerequisite DataStage patch JR61709)
JR61745 - ABAP job having "Data Transfer Method" as FTP shows blank ABAP code on "Edit program" button after migrated the ABAP job from  IIS, SAP R3 7.1 pack to IIS, SAP Pack

Pack for SAP Applications, version

JR61025 - BAPI stage job is aborting without proper reporting of exception raised by the RFC function call
JR60905 - BAPI stage with SNC X509 certificate is failing with error "Fail to convert connection param in Unicode format"
JR60894 - IDoc Server does not restart automatically for the selected SAP Connection when user updates the properties for the SAP Connection or IDoc Listener
JR60870 - Incorrect EOL appearing in ABAP code that gets generated and saved in a .zip file in workspace when you create ABAP Extract Stage Job by using RMRG
JR60839 - Delta extract runtime is aborting when you parse the data when DataSource Transfer Structure length is over 1000 bytes (reg 8101)
JR60795 - ABAP Extract job with multiple ABAP stages fails due to failure to create shared memory.
JR60770 -  SAP Objects delivered with the Pack for SAP Applications might get deleted during SAP server upgrade.
JR60765 - Incorrect IDOCs might be sent when field ADM_DOCNUM contains values of length greater than 16
JR60658 - Delta Extract - support SAP CRM application (currently only SAP ERP and S4/HANA on-prem are supported).
JR60569 - ABAP stage is aborting with error "Fail to get shared memory identifier.err=No such file or directory errNo=2" when you  access the shared memory
JR60558 - Failure to load data with field datatype as Integer on big-endian AIX platform in BAPI load stage.
JR60525 - ABAP extract job aborts when the deletion of RFC destination fails.
JR60502 - Fix SAP Code Checker Sort Order related warning for RFM /IBMIIS/RFC_SERVICE_V8_1

Pack for SAP Applications, version

JR61392 - ABAP job designed in Apps Pack 8.0 getting aborted after you migrate to Pack 8.1 with error 'RFC Z_DS_ABAP_TRANS not found'
JR60327 - DS Designer hangs when you use SAP extraction object from logical database in ABAP extract stage GUI
JR60151 - For ABAP background job if "Use Existing Variant" is not selected, re-create the existing variant in SAP for current run time
JR60073 - Suppress row count validation-related warning in ABAP Extract Stage runtime when DSSAP_ABAP_DISABLE_ROW_COUNT_VALIDATION is set equals to 1
JR60035 - Delta Extract 8.1 aborts with unhandled exception when invalid SAP connection parameters
JR60001 - Delta Extract Stage fails with SQL error when run with multiple nodes particularly with more than 2 nodes (regression introduced by JR59681)
JR59984 - ABAP Extract job designed with SAP App Pack version 7.1 fails with version 8.1 even with backward compatibility mode
JR59877 - ABAP Extract - Removing the usage of GWY_CANCEL_REG_PROGRAMS from run time
JR59786 : Delta Extract Stage gets empty or 0 values from Hierarchical DataSource 0PROFIT_CTR_0106_HIER
JR59763 : Delta Extract Stage reports SYSFAIL issue in SAP server when you handle non-readable (junk) characters from SAP system in its IDoc Listener component (regression from 8003)
JR59731 - When you open ABAP Extract stage properties, a message box displays "Internal error: String conversion failed"
JR59681 : No Transfer Structure found”  for the cases where the job is migrated from one SAP system to other (regression from 8003)
JR59631 - Enforce uniqueness of Partner Profile and Program ID in SAP Connections to DataStage only if "Listen for the Incoming IDocs" is set

Pack for SAP Applications, version

JR59589 - DataStage Designer hangs or crashes after you close the table definition window in ABAP stage Build Extraction GUI
JR59576 - Japanese messages in Delta Extract/IDOC Extract/IDOC Load stages are broken (version 8003)
JR59460 - ABAP Extract Stage Job getting aborted while unregistering RFC destination
JR59459 - Parallel ABAP Stage job sometimes getting hung or getting aborted with RFC_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE
JR59458 - ABAP stage delays execution 1-2 minutes for sequential jobs
JR59405 - Syntax error in received X.509-client certificate (base64-coding). SNC Connection failed with invalid certificate
JR59404 - IDOC connector stage is taking huge time when you select the IDOCTYPE with large number of segments.
JR59335 - Delta Extract Stage extracts the data in a misaligned form when a data element contains new line (hex code "0D")
JR59286 - ABAP program without CTS option can be loaded to SAP without Developer key
JR59278 - ABAP RFC Extraction job hang on Windows
JR59128  - Delta Stage fails with timeout error when the data packets are not received in numeric sequence of Data Packet ID from SAP
JR59062 - DS Designer crashes when you select ABAP Extract/build Extraction Object/Add tables/From Module Tree/Category
JR59016 - ABAP Extract job intermittently fails with "unexpected exit status"
JR58989 - Performance issue for ABAP stage in sequential execution mode after you upgrade to SAP Pack 8003
JR58872 - Delta stage job fails when you extract RAW type columns
JR58806 - ABAP Extract job fails with RFC_INVALID_HANDLE Message: An invalid handle was passed to the API call in version 8003
JR58789 - ABAP syntax error when you use double brackets in where clause.
JR58788 - ABAP syntax error when you use job parameter for Program ID and hardcoded value for RFC Destination
JR58373 - Need to be able to enable string padding in ABAP stage
JR58305 - Delta Extract job aborts when different names are used for the Logical System (RFC Destination) and Program ID
JR58161 - BAPI stage job aborts when the SAP balance load is enabled
JR58127 - Delta Extract - Line feed (0x0A) in field data causes the data to be misaligned

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