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Linking new Test Cases to existing test plans by using the IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM) Excel Importer

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Is it possible to Link new Test Cases to Existing Test Plans by using the ETM Microsoft Excel and Word Import Utilities?


Yes, linking new Test Cases to existing Test Plans is possible.

The caveat of linking new Test Cases to an existing Test Plan is that the Test Plan is the parent of the Test Case, and therefore contains the link.

It is also necessary not only to import the new Test Cases from Microsoft Excel to ETM but also to update the existing Test Plans XML to include a link to these Test Cases.

If you try to link Test Cases to an existing Test Plan that already has some links to existing Test Cases and are using a version earlier than 4.0.1, the existing links get replaced with the newly created ones. So you must include the existing.

The following sample syntax must be implemented in the CFG file to accomplish this link.

In the previous example, represents a valid internal or external ID of an existing Test Plan.

WARNING: The ability to update specific fields is not consistent across all test assets. A normal REST implementation overwrites all fields in the existing test asset, and replaces them with the fields provided in the import. The concepts in this technote were validated to work against Test Plans, but users need to test and verify this behavior before they use it on production data. Failure to do so could result in the tool overwriting existing test assets.

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24 August 2021