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Learning more about Synchronization is the first step in the troubleshooting process. This document provides you with educational information that can help you learn more about this topic.

Resolving The Problem

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What is Synchronization?
The install_root/config/cells directory contains your WebSphere Application Server configuration repository. In a WebSphere Application Server V5.x Network Deployment Manager and Base configuration, the ND_install_root/config/cells directory on the Network Deployment Manager installation contains the master repository. This configuration is propagated to all the Base nodes in a process called synchronization.

There are two types of synchronization:
  • Synchronization propagates only the files modified using an administrative tool (WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console or wsadmin) from the Network Deployment to the Base installation.

  • Full Resynchronization propagates all files from the Network Deployment to the Base that differ in timestamps. These synchronizations can be forced using the administrative tool, or they can be automated using automatic synchronization and node startup.

Further Education Information on Synchronization:

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