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Known problems and limitations in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7

Release Notes


This page contains links to technotes related to issues when running InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7 on AIX, Linux, and Windows.


Customers installing IBM InfoSphere Information Server 11.7 are encouraged to read all technotes and release notes before installing the suite. The table below highlights key issues and related technical guidance:

Information Governance Catalog New:

Description Reference Number
The iis_svc property is not created when the host name contains upper-case letters 2011862
The Information Governance Catalog REST API returns incorrect URLs when it is accessed by using more than one type of an address. For example, you can access Information Governance Catalog by using IP address, or by using a host name. 2011859


The Information Governance Catalog UI shows incorrect timestamps for two attributes of unstructured data sources; the Created attribute of InfoSets, the Last Harvest Date attribute of Volumes. There is no work around for this issue. 2011858
Not all relationships between assets are available in the graph explorer. Knowledge Center
The Db2 producer does not currently collect data about the execution of SQL CREATE and DROP statements. There is no work around. 2011854
The Db2 producer fails if there are less than 10 records since the last run. To resolve this issue, wait until more records have been collected by the Db2 event monitor and run the producer again. 2011852
The business name of Information Governance Catalog assets is not taken into account by the enterprise search. The search only processes the following assets: name and description.
If the business name (alias) of an asset differs from its name (for example, for a BI Report Query Item) it can be found only by searching for the name (or description) but not for the alias. There is no work around.
The enterprise search synchronization of assets with very large amount of relationships is slow. For example, the synchronization of label assignment if the label is already assigned to thousands of assets can take over 1 second. There is no work around. 2011848
The enterprise search initialization of the script is broken when InfoSphere Information Server is not installed in the default directory /opt/IBM/InformationServer. To resolve this issue, manually edit the script and change the /opt/IBM/InformationServer paths to your installation directory paths. 2011847
The istool import does not propagate asset changes to the enterprise search when the -fasttrack (-ft) option is used. To resolve this issue, use the initial load to synchronize the project assets: /opt/IBM/InformationServer/ASBServer/bin/ START --threads 1 --types Project 2011846
Assets changes imported using InfoSphere Information Analyzer connectors are not propagated to the enterprise search. To resolve this issue, use the initial load to synchronize assets of the given types: /opt/IBM/InformationServer/ASBServer/bin/ START --threads 1 --types [type list] 2011845
Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 11 is limited. The limitations include minor display issues, inability to download graph images as .svg files, and the inability to submit comments in the enterprise search asset details. Also the administrator cannot create customization profiles in the Management tab. N/A
My Collections and My Glossary Assets widgets only show the first five entries in alphabetical order. There is no work around. N/A
Advanced Filters are case sensitive. For example, you need to provide the filter condition using the exact case you want to be used by the lookup. Knowledge Center
When removing a filter condition in the Advanced Filters, you need to make sure that you delete it with a (X) icon and press "Enter." Otherwise, the removed condition might be still used as search criteria when you just remove it with "backspace" button. N/A
The Details View for Collections shows visibility as either "true" or "false". For accurate information on Collection visibility, refer to the classic Information Governance Catalog user interface. N/A
The Details View for Job assets from the ETL family contain 3 superfluous "Include for Lineage" fields. For accurate information on Job details, refer to the classic Information Governance Catalog user interface. N/A
The Details View for Database Columns shows Quality Score information as 0% even if the quality analysis was not done for this table and the quality score is not computed. There is no work around. N/A
The Details View for Amazon S3 Buckets show the Source Creation Date field using incorrect time zone information. For accurate information, refer to the classic Information Governance Catalog user interface. N/A
An error is shown when an administrator is trying to save a customization profile that includes a user who is already assigned to another customization profile. Only one profile per user is allowed. N/A
When asset view customization is applied, asset types with all fields disabled are showing up enabled, and the properties section is showing up empty. There is no work around for this issue. N/A
When searching for a string containing a backslash character (\), you need to escape it with another backslash. For example, type '\\' instead of '\'. N/A

Information Server Enterprise Search:

Description Reference Number
Ratings cannot be removed from assets. There is no work around for this issue. N/A
Only the last ten comments are shown in the asset details view. You can see a full list of comments when you search the enterprise in the new Information Governance Catalog. N/A
When searching for a string containing a backslash character (\), you need to escape it with another backslash. For example, type '\\' instead of '\'. N/A
Enterprise Search supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 11 in limited manner. The limitations include the inability to download the graph image as an .svg file, asset ratings do not refresh automatically, longer comments are truncated, and graph node labels sometimes go blank intermittently (the workaround is to click on the graph area to see them again). N/A

Information Governance Catalog classic:

Description Reference Number
From the Business Glossary section, you cannot see details of assets chosen from the search result drop-down list. This issue occurs only when Business Glossary is opened by the installer. To resolve this issue, reopen the application. 2011861
Detected term assignment suggestions are promoted only after the second detection is run. Run "detect term assignment" again to resolve this issue.
If the server parameter for InfoSphere Information Server is not set to UTC, the dates for any StoredIQ assets might not be shown correctly in Information Governance Catalog. 2011709

Information Server Governance Monitor:

Description Reference Number
An unassigned steward does not increment the count of "not assigned" assets in the stewards tile until you reindex your workspace. N/A

IBM DataStage Flow Designer:

Description Reference Number
IBM DataStage Flow Designer jobs fail to compile when launched from the Launchpad on the Information Server Enterprise search host computer. 22012727
IBM DataStage Flow Designer is only supported on Google Chrome version 59.0.3 or later and Mozilla Firefox version 54 or later. 2011607
The browser hangs when attempting to create, edit, or load a new job. 2012472
When you edit a DataStage job, the job is locked. To close the Job tab and release the lock, click the X on the Job tab or action bar. 2011607
When a connected source is deleted and replaced with a new source, some column metadata from the old source might remain in the downstream nodes and must then be manually fixed. 2011607
For the Sequential File stage, the 'Keep File Partitions' option must be clicked twice to be toggled. The ‘Generate multiple files’ option is not supported. 2011607
For the Big Data File stage, setting the ‘Generate multiple files’ option is not supported. 2011607
Multiple links into a target node are not currently supported. 2011607
Job parameters that are non-string are not currently supported. Run these jobs from the DataStage Designer thick client. 2011607
The server on the engine tier runs on port 8449 and cannot be changed. 2011607
In Windows, the server on the engine tier does not restart automatically when the machine is restarted, so you must start the server manually. 2011607

InfoSphere Information Analyzer:

Description Reference Number
When running discovery with term assignment on more than 30,000 assets, term assignment may fail due to an internal size limitation. In this case we recommend to break down the discovery  task into smaller sub-tasks. 2011706
Automatic term assignment always assigns terms if the confidence is 100%. There is currently no way to disable this. 2011706
The linguistic matching service has a fixed candidateThreshold of 0.4 that is independent of the candidate threshold set on the ODF configuration. 2011706
To disable the categoryScope parameter, remove it from the ODF configuration. Setting it to an empty string causes an exception. 2011706
A column analysis or data quality analysis might fail with the message "Discovery service with id is not registered." To resolve this issue, restart the ODFEngine and try again. 2011542
A column analysis or data quality analysis might fail with this message in the WebSphere Application Server log:
The ODF runtimes ''[DataStage]'' could not be reached. Please check that all ODF instances are running
Particularly, this might happen on a horizontal WebSphere Application Server cluster environment. This message indicates that the ODFEngine service on the engine tier is not running or is not reachable. Start the service and try again. If the service is running and you still see the issue, check the ODFEngine logs. If you see error messages such as, " org.I0Itec.zkclient.exception.ZkTimeoutException: Unable to connect to zookeeper server within timeout: 5000," check the setting "odf.zookeeper.connect" in the configuration file ASBNode/conf/odf-properties. It should point to the machine where the shared open source services, such as Zookeeper, Solr, and Kafka are installed. After changing the value, restart the ODFEngine service.
A column analysis or data quality analysis might fail with Kafka or Zookeeper related error messages in the WebSphere Application Server logs. For example, "Unable to connect to zookeeper server within timeout: 5000" appears in the WebSphere Application Server log." To resolve this issue, verify that the "shared-open-source" services are up and running as described here. 2011542
When a user selects the Discover option for a data connection and provides one or more incorrect or invalid names in root assets, the metadata import fails and the discover process fails internally. However the message in product says that the process was successful. 2011785
When a column analysis is run in the single frequency distribution table (SingleFD) mode with the CAPTURENONE option, the old results are not cleaned up and will still show up, if Column analysis was previously run for those columns with the CAPTUREALL or CAPTUREN options. 2011785
When viewing the results for the columns for which a column analysis is run in single frequency distribution table (singleFD) mode, the Rebuild Inferences and Reference Tables buttons, in the Open Column Analysis -> View Details menu are disabled. 2011785
Running a data rule takes long time when the autocommit mode is set to true. 2011785
A blank page is displayed when users with limited user roles try to access a data connection in the thin client instead of generating an error message that says that a user does not have the proper roles to access the page. 2011785
The IAAdmin command "-setCredentialMapping" sets an encrypted password when it is run for the first time for a data connection. Jobs fail to run with the new credentials. 2011785
A data connection created using the 'CustomURL' option in the thin client generates an error message after the connection is created and you browse for the connection. The data sets imported from this data connection are not usable. When you click on the Connections tab, none of the connections appear. 2011785
Errors are generated during installation related to the report templates. 2011785 and 2011777
After you upgrade InfoSphere Information Server from a previous version such as 11.5, or, 11.7 and subsequent versions, you might see an error in the thin client while browsing the "Workspace settings" option in the workspaces or projects created in previous versions. 2011785
When a HDFS file is analyzed by the Spark engine, escape characters might be incorrectly interpreted. 2011785
An analysis on HDFS files or Hive tables might fail because the APT_IOPort parameter read failed during the InfoSphere Information Server on Hadoop setup. 2011785
Analysis jobs for some of the HDFS files that use InfoSphere Information Server on Hadoop setup fails with the fatal error, "Could not read the host:port." 2011785
Analysis jobs for Oracle sources that contain CLOB columns fail with the fatal error when they are imported by using JDBC Connector. 2011785
Information Analyzer analysis job fails with resource constraints. 2011785
Information Analyzer Analysis jobs fail with JVM related errors. 2011785
Information Analyzer Analysis Data Quality analysis job fails when the number columns in the source tables/files is more than 1012 and Information Analyzer analysis database is configured as Db2. 2011785
Discover never completes for some datasets when 'Publish' task is included with other tasks. 2011785

InfoSphere Information Services Director Designer:

Description Reference Number
When using WebSphere Liberty Version, an InfoSphere Information Services Director SOAP service deploys correctly, but the WSDL file and the service cannot be accessed. You might get the following error message in the WebSphere Liberty log file:
Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: SRVE0207E: Uncaught initialization exception created by servlet is logged when trying to access the service

InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager:

Description Reference Number
No error is generated when you run Automated Discovery with insufficient user roles. 2011750
Many unexpected mismatch of provider type errors in the SystemOut.log file during the enterprise search synchronization 2011752
An error is generated when the array index is out of bound because the wrong syntax is provided 2011749
Issues with error handling when running Automated Discovery by using the InfoSphere Information Analyzer thin client. 2011750


Description Reference Number
Cassandra and MongoDB ODBC Drivers are not registered on Windows operating system. 10716799

InfoSphere Information Server:

Description Reference Number
InfoSphere Unified Governance is only supported on Linux servers. N/A
If you use Db2 Version 11.2.2, then SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 on IBM System z is not supported. To use Db2 11.2.2, you need to run SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 on your repository tier. You can run an older version of SUSE on the services and engine tier, but not on the repository tier. N/A
ODBC drivers need to updated after installing InfoSphere Information Server 11.7 to ensure that the fix for JR57654 is installed. You must download the latest Datadirect ODBC drivers and update the drivers.
(Applicable only for version
The WebSphere versioninfo command included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7 does not output the SDK level details. This behavior can be addressed by applying the WebSphere fix PI89044 or upgrading to WebSphere N/A
The Sybase Operator on AIX might encounter an error related to loading of the Sybase operator library. Sybase Operator users on AIX need to run the following additional commands on their engine tier, after the InfoSphere Information Server 11.7 installation. Verify that $DSHOME is set before executing this command:
ln -s $DSHOME/../DSComponents/bin/orchasesybase15.o orchasesybase.o
ln -s $DSHOME/../DSComponents/bin/orchsybase15.o orchsybase.o
Knowledge Center
The installation command "./ -v" incorrectly reports the Updater version as To obtain the Updater version, use the "./installupdate -version" command. 2011776
On SUSE 12 for WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, there is a system requirement to check that verifies the 5 packages that are required. If any are missing a failure is reported. However, the status box lists the packages that are present on the system instead of the packages that are missing. 2011776
You receive the following error message when installing the engine tier on AIX: CDIIN5123E: ExecuteScriptAction failed: the process returned error code 1.:
mkitab: ident entry found in /etc/inittab
CDIIN5106I: Details:
InstallAction (_id =, _installUnitModelId = ODFEngine)
Click Continue Installation when you see this message.
IBM InfoSphere Information Server installations intermittently report an error while deploying report templates. 2011777
When installing InfoSphere Information Server on AIX, an entry is added to /etc/inittab. The entry ensures Kafka, Solr and Zookeeper get started after a system reboot. Due to a syntax error in the installation script, the entry is not created on AIX. Although the services are running after installation, they are not restarted during reboot. In order to resolve the issue, run this command after installing InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.7 on AIX (assuming the installation directory is /opt/IBM/InformationServer):
mkitab "InfoSrvSOS:23456789:once:"/opt/IBM/InformationServer/shared-open-source/bin/"

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