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Known Issues: IBM Business Process Manager products V7.5.1 Fix Pack 1 (V7.5.1.1)

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This document details known issues with V7.5.1 Fix Pack 1 (V7.5.1.1) for the installation of the IBM Business Process Manager products.


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IBM Business Process Manager products collectively refers to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced, IBM Business Process Manager Advanced - Process Server, IBM Business Process Manager Standard, and IBM Business Process Manager Express.

This document provides solutions to problems that you might encounter (known issues) when you upgrade your product to IBM Business Process Manager V7.5.1 Fix Pack 1 (V7.5.1.1). It also provides information regarding mandatory interim fixes.

This information is updated often; review this section before you start upgrading your installation. Additions to this document are placed at the top of each section.

Known issues

Problem: The Process Designer, Process Center, and each runtime environment must be running the same version of IBM Business Process Manager V7.5.1.

Solution: Upgrade the Process Designer, Process Center, and each runtime environment to Fix Pack 1 (V7.5.1.1) within a very short time frame to avoid version conflicts and other potential issues.

Problem: IBM Business Process Manager Version 7.5.1 includes a set of plugins from IBM Business Monitor Version 7.5.1. These plugins enable cross-cell communication between IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Business Monitor. IBM Business Process Manager V7.5.1 Fix Pack 1 contains updates to the IBM Business Monitor plugins. However, the fix pack installer does not copy the updated plugins to the <BPM_home>/plugins directory.

Solution: Update the plugins manually. Refer to the IBM Business Monitor plugins are not updated by IBM Business Process Manager 7.5.0 Fix Pack 1 document for details.

Problem: When IVT is run on WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V7.5.1 Fix Pack 1, the IVT link shows some warning messages.

Solution: The warnings are harmless; you can ignore them.

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09 August 2011

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17 June 2018