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Known Issue: Error message "OUTPUT FILE FULL" or abend SB37 when using batch utility to generate a report for a specified Archive, Extract or Control File.



When using the batch utility to create a report, values documented for LRECL and BLKSIZE are not large enough for the job to run. RTC37870


Error message "OUTPUT FILE FULL" or abend SB37. Note that either or both of these errors may occur.


Abend SB37 indicates the data set has overflowed the space allocated. The "OUTPUT FILE FULL" message results when the DCB attributes (LRECL and BLKSIZE) are too small to process the data.

Resolving The Problem

If both the abend and the error message are encountered, increase the allocation for the output data set.

When only the error message occurs, either specify 0 for LRECL and BLKSIZE or do not specify these parameters. Optim will determine the values to use at run time.

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Modified date:
16 June 2018