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Knowledge Collection: Informix Data Compression and Storage Optimization



This document will help you navigate through the available information and resources related to the Informix storage optimization feature.

Resolving The Problem

Informix designed an inventive compression technique in the Storage Optimization feature for reducing the size of relational data. Using this new technique, Informix can compress data much more efficiently than usual compression techniques available in the market. The storage optimization feature reduces storage requirements, improves I/O efficiency, and provides quicker data access from the disk. The following storage optimization resources are available on how to use this feature:



The IBM® Informix® Storage Optimization Feature (Type:Product Description)
A brief overview of data compression and storage optimization.

IDS Storage Optimization (Type:Demonstration)
A White Paper on data compression and storage optimization.

Informix Dynamic Server data compression and storage optimization (Type: Demonstration)
An article from IBM® developerWorks on how to save storage resources, reduce I/O, and optimize performance with IDS storage optimization feature.

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Estimate Disk Space Savings with Data Compression (Type:Demonstration)
Explains how to estimate disk space saving prior to compress a table

Compress Data in a Table (Type:Demonstration)
Describes how to compress data in a table

Uncompress Data in a Table (Type:Demonstration)
Describes how to uncompress data in a table

Common Questions on Data Compression and Storage Optimization (Type:Demonstration)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Data Compression and Storage Optimization.

Optimize Storage Space using Data Compression (Type:Presentation)
Explains how to optimize storage space using data compression.


IDS Compression and Storage Optimization (Type:Presentation)
A 2009 IIUG Conference overview presentation. This will focus on the storage optimization feature in IDS. Learn about how it works, when to use data compression, and how to use it.


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How much space could you save with Informix data compression? (Type:Tool)
Estimate how much storage space can be saved with this free online tool.

The Information Center (Type:Information Center)
IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server version 11.70 Information Center where you can find information that you need to use Informix storage optimization.

Compression of Row Data and Storage Optimization (Type:Demonstration)
Access the latest information on Compression of Row Data and Storage Optimization

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