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Knowledge Collection: DB2 LDAP issues

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This Knowledge Collection is a focused compilation of links to documents for DB2 LDAP configuration issues for DB2.


DB2 LUW LDAP issues
The following links are to other documents that discuss LDAP issues when using DB2.

1447085 - Collecting Data for DB2 LDAP Authentication

1446410 - Slow connections using LDAP plug-ins with FOLLOW_REFERALS=true
1450743 - Setting up LDAP plug-in with parent-child domain environment
1230960 - SQL1042C on LDAP start after upgrading to v8.1 FP7 or higher
1394345 - SQL1042c on db2start with LDAP enabled
1007754 - SQL1334N when connecting to a host database through an LDAP gateway
1006555 - SQL1334N on connecting to host database using LDAP
1473165 - Instance crash in LDAP libraries
1586310 - Recreate ODBC DSN if gateway cataloged to use LDAP
1469020 - Hang/crash due to transparent LDAP on Linux
1451242 - How to get more information logged into db2diag.log from LDAP plug-in
1587206 - DB2 support for Samba Winbind authentication on Linux
1571620 - Connection hang when authenticating with VAS plug-in
1066328 - DB2 UDB support for authentication of users via LDAP

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16 June 2018