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Jupyter Notebooks 11.1.5 does not work when proxy.key has insufficient permissions



If SSL is enabled and the proxy.key file has insufficient permissions, a Cognos Analytics user cannot open Jupyter Notebooks.


  • An error page is shown instead of the Notebook editor and viewer
  • Headless and scheduled runs do not execute successfully


The build uses the proxy.key file with its existing permissions. In the previous release, the build would assign specific permissions to it when it is copied into the Docker image.


  • Jupyter Server 11.1.5
  • SSL-enabled
  • In config.conf does not have the following line present and enabled:

Diagnosing The Problem

A system administrator examines the state of the Docker containers:
  1. The JupyterHub container is not running, and
  2. The JupyterHub logs contain the following error:
    • Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/srv/proxy.key'

Resolving The Problem

Set the permissions on the proxy.key manually by using the following command:
  • chmod 644 proxy.key
If the user does not have permission to change the file's permissions, sudo might be required:
  • sudo chmod 644 proxy.key
This change is only required once, as all subsequent builds use the file.

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13 January 2020