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The Guardium Virtual Users Group (VUG) meets monthly by teleconference to present information on topics and to discuss all things Guardium.


You are invited to be a part of the IBM Security Guardium Virtual User Group!

Goal and Purpose
  • To provide a forum for current Guardium customers to share non-confidential information and ideas which facilitate the success of their Guardium installations

How does the group meet?
  • One hour-long call each month

How is the meeting content determined?
  • The meeting typically focuses on a specific topic suggested by participants, or whatever the community leader believes would be helpful, but the discussion is not limited to that topic. Topics could include presentations from IBM, or members of the Virtual Guardium users group.

How do I participate?
  • Send an email to Leila Johannesen ( to get added as a member of the IBM Connections Community site and to receive calendar invitations and call-in information. In your email, please state your company and your role with Guardium.

The IBM Connections Community Guardium Virtual Users Group is the official site for group materials and for intragroup communication. IBM sets up the conference call number and the webcast for the meeting.
Also: Join the IBM Security Community/Guardium group to participate in discussion, access a library of resources, and see a list of upcoming Guardium events.

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Modified date:
16 September 2019