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Job monitor not showing correct counts after splitting batch with IBM Datacap



After splitting a batch with the IBM Datacap SplitBatch action, the Job Monitor displays the child batches, but the document and page counts are not correct for that batch.


The counts show correctly after the first task in the child batch is run.


The SplitBatch action does not recalculate document and page counts in child batches. Instead, it copies across the document and page counts from the current batch, which may not be current for the child batch.

Resolving The Problem

Create a dummy task that is run as the first task in the child batches job. Exact steps will vary depending on the application, but in general, the following should be done.

  1. Create a dummy ruleset in Datacap Studio. It does not need to contain any actions or attach to anything in the DCO.
  2. Create a dummy task profile in Datacap Studio and have it run the ruleset.
  3. In Datacap Web Administrator, create a new task that runs as the first task in the job and set it to run the task profile.
  4. In the Rulerunner tab of Application Manager, define the task and task profile.
  5. In Rulerunner Manager, configure the dummy task to be run by at least one thread.

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