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JDBC connection information is missing when using a relational Framework Manager package in Cognos Analytics dashboard



A Cognos Analytics dashboard is unable to locate a JDBC driver while retrieving data from a package published in the compatible query mode (CQM).


When the user drags in a field onto the canvas, the dashboard makes a request to the database to get the data. The server returns the error:

JDBC connection information is missing for data source [name] connection [name].


Dashboarding in Cognos Analytics uses the dynamic query mode (DQM) for retrieving and processing data. As such, all database sources must have a JDBC connection definition in order to be used in the dashboards.

The error mentioned in this article is relevant especially for packages published as CQM whose data sources do not have JDBC connection information defined.

The error occurs when:
  • The data source connection does not have appropriate JDBC connection information
  • An appropriate JDBC driver is not installed in the Cognos server's \drivers directory
  • The data source object in the Framework Manager model does not have an Interface type property set to: D2, OR, OL, NZ or TD

Resolving The Problem

To allow CQM FM packages to be used in dashboarding, define a JDBC connection in the data source(s) used by the package. See the following article on how to define a JDBC connection for your data source.

Data sources in a CQM package that refer to appropriately configured JDBC connections to the following are supported:

  • DB2 LUW
  • DB2 Z
  • Teradata
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Netezza

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15 June 2018