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Japanese era changes for the IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition



Changes to IBM® SDK, Java™ Technology Edition to accommodate the Japanese new era.


On April 1 2019, the Japanese cabinet announced the name of the new era, "REIWA", which starts on May 1 2019. The following changes have been made to the IBM SDK to accommodate the new era:
1. API level changes
API level changes for calendar, date, and time are required for proper parsing and returning of the calendar values.  The following Oracle patches are ported to the IBM SDK for Java 7.x and Java 8:
Java 8:

Java 7 and Java 7 Release 1:
The U+32FF code point is reserved for the square character of the Japanese new era.

Note: Because IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, version 8 contains the Unicode U+32FF code point in the java.lang.Character class and the new JSR 310 date-time APIs, a longer list of fixes is required compared to 7.x.

2. Code page changes
The IBM Japanese Host code pages (CCSID 1390/1399) are updated to include the new era name (Unicode codepoint U+32FF). IBM code pages are updated to accommodate the new Unicode character and the EBCIDIC equivalents. 

Japanese era changes are  in the following refreshes, which were released towards the end of April 2019. See IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition refreshes: April 2019:
  •     Java 8 service refresh 5 fix pack 35 (  (Oracle 1.8.0_211) and later 
  •     Java 7 release 1 service refresh 4 fix pack 45 (  (Oracle 1.7.0_221) and later
  •     Java 7 service refresh 10 fix pack 45 (  (Oracle 1.7.0_221) and later
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29 April 2019