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ITCAM4Tx: ISM - tuning MaxCCA for multi threaded monitors

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When would I need to set-up and increase "MaxCCA" parameter in the [monitor_type].props file?


Increasing the MaxCCA parameter would be worthwhile only if you are not able to poll all the elements within the X minutes poll interval that is specified in [monitor_type].xml

You will be able to see if you need to do such thing if you are getting warning messages
like :
"Warning: Message queue full. Old event overwritten
in the [monitor_type].log about the polls falling behind.

For reference, possible values of MaxCCA parameter are defined at this link:
10 for low volume polling
50 for high volume polling (more than 500 profile elements)

So try and increase gradually maxcca in [monitor_type].props and bridge.props; recycle the ISM agent, and verify if things improve.

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17 June 2018