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Issues starting or running IBM Installation Manager

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What are some of the known issues that occur when running IBM Installation Manager on different operating systems?


The following table lists issue that are related to operating system configurations. These issues can cause Installation Manager to crash in GUI mode or to not start. For some issues, however, there is no information provided when Installation Manager fails to run.

Causes and resolution
AIXInstallation Manager does not start correctly, and the software stops working when the splash screen displays on AIX.
There is an incompatibility of the Eclipse SWT library code and the executed graphical environment on AIX systems.

For details, see Startup and More info Issues with Installation Manager GUI on AIX systems
Not OS specific Installation Manager fails to start, hangs, or is unresponsive.
For details, see What to do when IBM Installation Manager fails to startup or hangs or is unresponsive
Not OS specific Installation Manager fails to start. After execution of #./installor #./IBMIM the prompt # returns. There are no error messages.
Possible causes:
Some of the required system libraries cannot be located and Installation Manager cannot launch.

The missing library is in an inaccessible location.

The graphical environment (GTK) is not installed on the system.

For details, see Installation Manager fails to start without warning
Not OS specificSilent installation of Installation Manager fails with the following output:
Error executing "chmod()" operation (status=-1).
  See agent output log for more information: /var/ibm/InstallationManager/logs/native/20090123_1619.log

The log file contains multiple lines like:
chmod: can't change sun_java.desktop: Not owner
chmod: can't change sun_java.png: Not owner
chmod: can't change COPYRIGHT: Not owner

There is an issue with the file permissions on the system.

Run the command:
#ls -al /usr/bin/sh

If the result looks like:
-rwsr-xr-x   2 bin bin  282624 Jan 12  2012 /usr/bin/sh

Run the command:
#chmod 755 /usr/bin/sh

To get: -rwxr-xr-x   2 bin bin  282624 Jan 12  2012 /usr/bin/sh
Not OS specificInstallation Manager cannot be started.
Some of the libraries that are required by Installation Manager are not installed.

For details, see Required filesets on AIX for Installation Manager
Ubuntu Installation Manager cannot be installed or started on Ubuntu 64 10.04 LTS (64-bit).
Running ./install in a shell window in a directory that contains the Installation Manager installation files results in output that looks like:
 bash: ./install: No such file or directory
Installation Manger is a 32-bit application and requires the 32-bit versions of OS system libraries. The 32-bit versions are not installed on Ubuntu 64 10.04 LTS (64-bit) by default.

For details, see Error: bash ./install: No such file or directory when installing Installation Manager on Ubuntu 64 10.04 LTS (64-bit)
Unix / LinuxInstallation Manager fails on UNIX® or Linux® with the error assertion GDK_IS_SCREEN (screen)' failed and provides instructions to resolve the issue.The DISPLAY environment variable is not initialized to a working x11 display.

For details, see DISPLAY environment variable must be set or alarming failure occurs
Unix / LinuxInstallation Manager graphical environment does not work properly on UNIX® or Linux®.For details, see Installation Manager graphical environment issues on Solaris, Linux, AIX
Unix / LinuxUsing Installation Manager on UNIX® or Linux® results in the error: Containing directory could not be set for directory shortcut "IBM Installation Manager". For details, see Containing directory could not be set for directory shortcut "IBM Installation Manager"
Unix / LinuxInstallation Manager installation commands ./install or ./userinst fail  on UNIX® or Linux® with an error message like:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.osgi 4 0 2008-02-25 09:53:15.817
!MESSAGE Error reading configuration: /a/user/im/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/.manager/.fileTableLock (No such file or directory)
!STACK 0 /a/user/im/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/.manager/.fileTableLock (No such file or directory)

This issue occurs when only a top directory has write access permissions. Installation Manager assumes all sub-directories have write access.

When Installation Manager creates the ~/im/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/.manager/.fileTableLock file, the file creation fails and an error is reported.

Check file permissions for all unzipped files and directories.

Update the permission of all the Installation Manager installation files and folders. For example, you could execute the following command to update the permissions:
chmod 775 -R *

Unix / LinuxIBM® Installation Manager installer (./install or ./userinst) fails on UNIX® or Linux® with an error message like:
IBMIM:13302): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_window_set_keep_above: assertion `GDK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed
(IBMIM:13302): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_window_set_keep_below: assertion `GDK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed
For details, see Using the sudo command to run Installation Manager as root fails
Unix / LinuxThe Installation Manager graphical environment cannot be used.This issue can occur for multiple reasons.  One reason is that graphical libraries are not available and cannot be installed because of system administration policies.

Use the silent mode or console mode in Installation Manager as an alternative to using the graphical user interface.

For details, see the Installation Manager Information Center.

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