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Issues with Rational Developer for i V9.6.0.x and macOS Catalina (version 10.15)



With macOS Cataline (version 10.15), the Legacy Java 6 runtime which is involved with starting Rational Developer for i has an issue.


The Legacy Java 6 runtime issue prevents Rational Developer for i from starting


The Legacy Java 6 runtime is not supported on macOS Catalina.

Resolving The Problem

Note: macOS Catalina is not one of the supported platforms for Rational Developer for i but workarounds are being investigated.
The following is a workaround some have found to enable Rational Developer for i to start successfully on macOS Catalina.
Open the then display the Java home setting with the command:
$ /usr/libexec/java_home
The current Java location will be shown.  Change directories to this location then to the directory containing Info.plist:
$ cd <java_location>
$ cd ..

Confirm that this directory includes Info.plist:

$ ls

Gain privleges with sudo and edit Info.plist with nano editor:

$ sudo nano Info.plist
In Info.plist, scroll down to the section JVMCapabilities and change it from:
to the following in order to add the JNI, BundledApp, WebStart, and Applets capabilities.  The result will look like:
Save the file (Control+O) and exit (Control++X).
Start Rational Developer for i.

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05 November 2019