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ISCDC : How to enable JCC trace?

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How do I configure DB2 tracing for a CDC connection?


1. Go to <CDC_Install_Dir>/conf directory and edit these two files , following a backup.

The files are:
dmts64.vmargs and dmts32.vmargs.


-Ddb2.jcc.tracePolling=true -Ddb2.jcc.tracePollingInterval=10
-Ddb2.jcc.propertiesFile=/<CDC_Install_Dir>/ -Dcom.datamirror.ts.instance=%TSINSTANCE%

make a note that above changes should be on one line when you modify dmts64.vmargs/dmts32.vmargs file

2. Go to the same directory i.e in this example CDC_Install_Dir is /home/cdcadmin/IBM/cdc , so create a file named under /home/cdcadmin/IBM/cdc dir with content below, also create jcc_trace dir under /home/cdcadmin/IBM/cdc
db2.jcc.override.traceLevel=-1 <== no extra blanks
db2.jcc.override.traceDirectory=/home/cdcadmin/IBM/cdc/jcc_trace <== no extra blanks
db2.jcc.override.traceFile=jcc.log <== no extra blanks
3. Stop the CDC instance and restart it.
4. Make sure that the tracing is enabled as above.
5. Make sure you have enough disk space in the traceDirectory.
6. Start the replication -- wait until the error occurs. The trace logs
generated will have the following naming convention: jcc.log_global* and will be found in your specified trace directory.
7. To turn off this trace:
a) Shutdown the CDC instance
b) Restore the original dmts64.vmargs under <CDC_Install_Dir>/conf ©8229
c) Restart the CDC instance

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16 June 2018