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IO04: WebSphere Message Broker - Start/Stop Message Flow Node



This SupportPac supplies a WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 plug-in node that starts/stops a message flow within a user's message flow.

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These nodes are intended to be used to start and stop a message flow within a user message flow. A developer can add this node in his message flow and can start/stop either a specific message flow or the whole execution group. The target message flow can exist on either a local or remote broker.

Possible Uses
This message flow best suits situations where current assets are required to be controlled dynamically as noted below.

• Batch Process: When all or specific message flow(s) are required to be Stopped/Started so that a batch process can be executed.
• Conditional Processing: Dependant on the successful execution of a specific condition, a message flow is required to be executed. For example, Stop Order Entry Message Flow, if database is down.
• Non-working hours/Off Time implementation: When a service (for example, order management service) is required to be stopped during non-working hours.

Skill Level Required
• Good understanding of WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 message flows development.
• WebSphere Message Broker basic administration skills.

Author: Muhammad Furqan Baqai, GBM, Pakistan
Category: 4
Released: 07Jul10
Current SupportPac Version: 1.0
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• WebSphere Message Broker V6.1
• Java 1.5
• IBM Software Development Kit (optional; for compiling Java libraries)

Installation Instructions

Extract the downloaded zip file.

On the WebSphere Message Broker runtime machine:
• Copy com.gbmpak.wmb.utils_1.1b2.jar and MssgFlowMgrImpl,jar, from <EXTRACTED_FILES>/jplugin directory in <WMB_HOME>/jplugin where <WMB_HOME> is the installation directory for the WMB runtime.
• Restart the broker by issuing: mqsistop <BROKER_NAME> and mqsistart <BROKER_NAME>

On the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit machine:
• Close the Message Broker Toolkit.
• Copy MssgFlowMgr_1.0.1.jar file from <EXTRACTED_FILES>/plugins directory to <WMB_TOOLKIT_HOME>/plugins folder.

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