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Invalid HTTP configuration might cause SSL0227E error



Specifying the IBM® HTTP Server directive SSLServerCert with an invalid certificate prevents SSL connections.


Unable to connect to HTTP server using a SSL connection.


When the HTTP directive SSLServerCert does not specify a certificate value that matches a certificate in the CMS key database, an error SSL0227E will be logged in the HTTP error log. This is the format of the SSLServerCert directive:


  • Description - Sets the server certificate to use for this virtual host
  • Scope - IP-based virtual hosts
  • Values - certificate label
  • Usage - SSLServerCert my_certificate_label
  • * Notes - Use no delimiters around the certificate label.
    Ensure that the label is contained on one line.
    Leading and trailing whitespace is ignored.

Usage: SSLServerCert my_certificate_label

Resolving The Problem

The value specified for the SSLServerCert must match the label of a valid certificate in the CMS key database used by the HTTP server.

Related Information

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15 June 2018