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This article provides links to the most popular 'getting started' Technotes for new IBM i NetServer users.

Resolving The Problem

The IBM i Technotes listed below explain the most common issues with IBM i Support for Windows Network Neighborhood (IBM i NetServer). They (and many other helpful Technotes) can be found by visiting the Software Knowledgebase. Click HERE to go to the Knowledgebase now.

Alternatively, perform an IBM search. Click HERE to perform a search now.

Search on the Document ID number (for example N1019708), or any key words related to the subject (for example, NetServer, File Share, Mapping and so on).

Some helpful Technotes:

N1019708, Getting Started with IBM i NetServer. Click HERE to view N1019708 now.

N1017921, The iSeries NetServer Does Not Appear in Microsoft Windows Network Neighborhood. Click HERE to view N1017921 now.

N1017477, Creating an IBM i NetServer File Share. Click HERE to view N1017477 now.

N1019414, Mapping a Drive to iSeries NetServer. Click HERE to view N1019414 now.

N1011278, User Profiles Disabled for Use with IBM i NetServer. Click HERE to view N1011278 now.

N1011371, NetServer Best Practices. Click HERE to view N1011371 now.

N1018525, Windows 7 and IBM i NetServer. Click HERE to view N1018525 now.

N1015061, IBM iSeries NetServer Threaded Request Support Introduced in V5R4M0. Click HERE to view N1015061 now.

N1018967, Disabling and Re-enabling the Use of the Threaded QZLSFILET NetServer Job. Click HERE to view N1018967 now.

Following are some additional websites that contain IBM i NetServer information:

IBM i Knowledge Center.

Click HERE to visit the V7R3 Knowledge Center now.
Click HERE to visit the V7R2 Knowledge Center now.
Click HERE to visit the V7R1 Knowledge Center now.

IBM i NetServer website: Click HERE to visit the NetServer website now.

IBM i Support: Recommended Fixes Technote: Click HERE to visit the Recommended Fixes Technote now.

The following publication also contains IBM AS/400 NetServer information:

The AS/400 NetServer Advantage SG24-5196. Click HERE to view SG24-5196 now.

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