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International Warranty Service

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IBM International Warranty Service

International Warranty Service is available for eligible IBM machines that are under warranty. Clients who relocate these machines are entitled to warranty service in another country during the warranty period. Clients are required to report the machine and location information to their business partner or IBM representative.

Features and benefits

  • Provides warranty service in any country in which the machine is serviced.
  • The warranty period will be that of the country in which the machine was originally purchased.
  • The type of warranty service (Client Replaceable Unit or On-site Repair) and service level (9x5 Next Business Day or 24x7 Same Day) in the destination country may be different from that which is provided in the original country of purchase. The types of warranty service and service level are subject to local practice. IBM reserves the right to change or modify its type of warranty service and service level by country at any time without notice.
  • Warranty service may be performed by IBM, IBM service providers, or agents approved to perform warranty service.
  • International Warranty Service eligibility for a specific machine is now included in IBM Warranty lookup.

IBM's obligations regarding its machine warranty and licensing are as provided in the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty or the IBM agreement under which the machine was acquired.


  • The IBM machine type must be announced as eligible for International Warranty Service.
  • To determine machine type eligibility, select a product group for a listing:
  • To determine a specific machine type and serial number eligibility, use Warranty lookup.
    • International warranty will either state “Eligible”, “Not Eligible” or “Unavailable”.
    • “Unavailable” are typically non-IBM products.


Electrical power and plugs vary throughout the world. Please ensure machines are compatible in the new country. Also ensure that the machines are acceptable under the laws in the country of relocation.

Additional Information

Clients can learn more about International Warranty Service by reviewing the product announcement letter Web site. Please reference the following announcement numbers:

Applicable countries and regions

  • Worldwide

Additional resources

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23 April 2021