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Integration Framework - Web Services based interoperability

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Integration Framework - Web Services based interoperability


An important interoperability feature in Maximo is its capability of interacting with external applications via web service calls. Support of this type of integration scenario is achieved by the deployment of Integration Framework services
(Object Structure, Enterprise, and Standard) as web services (inbound integration scenario)  and by calling external web services by means of web service compliant end point (outbound integration scenario).
Prior to Maximo 7.5 release, the Integration Framework support of web service interoperability was enabled by means of an AXIS2 based implementation:
  • Inbound -  Integration Framework web services are deployed to an AXIS2 container for external applications consumption.

  • Outbound – Integration Framework  provides a SOAP handler based on AXIS2 ServiceClient APIs designed to call external web services.
With Maximo 7.5 release, the Integration Framework incorporates interoperability improvements that are centred on web services; important functional enhancement that enable Maximo to accommodate WS based integration scenarios include:
  • Support of web service deployment to Maximo’s  Application Server web service container by means of JAX-WS standard

  • Support of SOAP  handler based on JAX-WS standard designed to call external JAX-WS compliant web services

  • Enable use of WS-* standards (e.g. WS-Policy, WS-Security) in JAX-WS based integration scenarios.

For additional information on web service based integration in Maximo, take a look at Maximo 7.5 information center - integration web services topic located here  

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