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The Integrated Management Module (IMM) on Guardium xSeries Servers

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What is the Integrated Management Module (IMM)


The Integrated Management Module (IMM) is a service processor on System x server hardware. IMM provides management access to IBM System x rack server hardware. Implemented on a single chip on the server board, it replaces the previously used System x Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) and Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA). IMM Standard includes the following functions:

•Access to server vital product data (VPD)
•Advanced Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) support
•Automatic notification and alerts
•Continuous health monitoring and control
•Choice of a dedicated or shared Ethernet connection
•Domain Name System (DNS) server support
•Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) support
•E-mail alerts
•Embedded Dynamic System Analysis (DSA)
•Enhanced user authority levels
•LAN over USB for in-band communications to the IMM
•Event logs that are time stamped, saved on the IMM, and that can be attached to e-mail alerts
•Support for Industry-standard interfaces and protocols: IPMI V2.0, CIM, and SNMP
•OS watchdogs
•Remote configuration through Advanced Settings Utility (ASU)
•Remote firmware updating
•Remote power control
•Secure web server user interface
•Serial over LAN
•Server console serial redirection
•User authentication using a secure connection to a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server

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IMM User's Guide:

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