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Instructions for installing local help - IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.2 and onward

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By default, the help system for Rhapsody brings in content from the web. If you prefer to have the help content on your computer, follow the instructions in this document.


  1. Go to the help download site:
  2. Go to the kcci_content directory to find the help for Rhapsody.
  3. Look for the subdirectory that contains the content for the release of Rhapsody you are using, for example, /rhapsody82
  4. In the relevant subdirectory, you should see a .zip file with a name such as
  5. Extract the contents of the .zip file to the following directory in your Rhapsody installation: ..\Doc\KnowledgeCenter\usr
    Note that the .zip file may already contain a directory named usr. If this is the case, just extract the files from that directory, so that there is no additional directory below \KnowledgeCenter\usr.
  6. Once you have extracted the files, go to the directory ..\Doc\KnowledgeCenter\bin, and start the help server by running the file startKC.bat (or the corresponding script for Linux).
  7. Once the help server is running, you can access the help directly in a browser at this url: http://localhost:9090/kc
    Note that if port 9090 is in use, the help server will use a different port. The port number is briefly displayed in the startup window. After the window closes, you can find the port number in the file ../KnowledgeCenter/logs/
    For more information on starting, stopping, and configuring the IBM Knowledge Center, see the instructions in this file: KnowledgeCenter/knowledgecenter_instructions.html.

Now carry out the following steps to instruct the help application that is included with Rhapsody to point to the content that you downloaded (so that you can access the help from within Rhapsody):

  1. Select Help > Help Contents from the main Rhapsody menu.
  2. Once the help application opens, go to the help preferences window: Help > Preferences.
  3. On the left side of the Preferences window, select Help > Remote Assistance Configuration. The table lists any help URLs that have already been defined.
  4. Use the buttons to disable any URLs for external sites.
  5. Add an entry with a title such as Rhapsody Local Help, using the URL: http://localhost:9090/kc/SSB2MU_8.2.0
    Modify the last digits of the URL to match the number of the Rhapsody release you are using. (Note that this URL differs slightly from the URL you would use in an ordinary browser.)
  6. Verify that the status of the new entry is set to Enabled.
  7. Click OK.
  8. To refresh the help, select Help > Help Contents.

Note that in order to use the local help, you must run the help server each time that you run Rhapsody. You may want to set up a batch file that runs the help server each time that you start Rhapsody.

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20 June 2016

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27 May 2022