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Installing Maximo 7.6 on Microsoft Windows Server 2016

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Beginning with Maximo Asset Management Feature Pack, Windows Server 2016 is now supported. However, the Launchpad will not launch properly.


Windows Server 2016 is not in the list of supported operating systems


Launchpad will either not start ("hang") or, if started from an elevated command prompt, not allow you to install Maximo Asset Management 7.6, displaying the error CTGIN8241E : Supported Operating System: Unsupported Operating System. Value Reported : Windows Server 2016 Standard

To work around, bypass the prerequisite check to allow installation using the following steps:

1) Right-click the Start menu.

2) Select Command Prompt (Admin)

3) Navigate to the installation directory (in the above example, c:\instw). Enter the following command:

    set BYPASS_PRS=True

4) Run the following command in the same window:


Update IBM Installation Manager to the latest version, and restart.

After selecting Maximo Asset Management to install, the message The prerequisite checking task has been bypassed will be displayed.

Note: To install additional instances of or to update Maximo 7.6, always start a command prompt in the IBM Installation Manager directory (default location in Windows: C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse) before launching IBMIM.exe.

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17 June 2018