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Installation of Open Source Products using RPM method.



IBM i Open Source Solutions packages are now delivered via RPMs rather than via 5733-OPS licensed program, which has been discontinued since 2019.  Open source software can now be installed with RPMs.                                   

Diagnosing The Problem

The use of RPM (Package Manager) has been around since 1990s. However, its primary use was with RedHat Linux™ project, in time has effectively been used throughout the Open Source community. Many OS systems have adopted its simplicity to use within their own software. RPMs are known for software installation and maintenance, and the use of package management instead of manual builds. RPMs allows the ability for automated and non-interactive installations and updates.

Resolving The Problem

For more information, refer to the documentation at       
Also, see for troubleshooting, usage, and other information.

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23 April 2021