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Installation Manager requires the compat-libstdc++ package on Red Hat Enterprise Linux



IBM Installation Manager 1.3.x fails to install on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) if library is not installed. This issue has been reported on a standard installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4.6 ppc_64, version 5.1 x86-32, ppc_64, and s390_64 system. When you run the ./install command to install Installation Manager, you receive an error message about a missing library.


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux system versions 4 and 5 are missing the 32-bit version of the compat-libstdc++ package.

Resolving The Problem

To work around this issue, install the compat-libstdc++ package. The package is available from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system installation CD or the Red Hat customer support web site.

NOTE: For 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux hardware platforms: x86_64, ppc_86_64 and s390_64, you need both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the compat-libstdc++ package installed.

[{"Product":{"code":"SSDV2W","label":"IBM Installation Manager"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Install","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"}],"Version":"1.3;1.3.1;1.3.2;1.3.3","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB45","label":"Automation"}}]

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Modified date:
25 October 2021