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Install or uninstall the MVFS on Windows

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How can I install or uninstall the IBM® Rational® ClearCase® MultiVersion File System (MVFS) on Microsoft® Windows®?


You may encounter installation issues that result in the MVFS not being installed or not properly installed. The details that follow provide information about an executable that can be used to either install or uninstall the MVFS on Windows.
Example of a scenario where the MVFS was not installed

Installing ClearCase 7.0 or later results in an error "Install failed" at the end of the install.

Clicking OK to dismiss the error dialog displays the installation complete dialog and the system then restarts as expected.

Upon restart, the MVFS is not installed, however the rest of the ClearCase application appears to have been installed as expected.



How to Install or Uninstall the MVFS on Windows

On Windows 2016 server, the commands must be executed from an elevated command prompt (i.e. run as administrator).

2. Even though my ClearCase installation is on a 64-bit server, the installmvfsx64.exe command didn't resolve the issue. Only the installmvfs.exe command resolved the issue. I suspect that this is because we have ClearCase 32-bit. I recommend the note on the support page clarify that. Currently it states: "On a Windows 64-bit system the executable to install MVFS would be installmvfsx64.exe. "

3. A reboot is required after MVFS installation. This isn't explicitly outlined in the instructions.

In ClearCase there exists an executable called installmvfs.exe in the directory:


Use that even on a 64 bit server and not installmvfsx64.exe since ClearCase is still a 32 bit application on Windows.

The intended use of this application is to combat problems that may result during installations where the MVFS does not get installed at all or is not properly installed.

If the MVFS is not installed, this executable can be used without any impact to the rest of the ClearCase application.

This utility can also be used to uninstall the MVFS by using the /u parameter from the command line.


cd <Installdir>\ClearCase\install\inf
installmvfs.exe /u

Note: You must either run the installmvfs executable from the command line while you are in that working directory or add the \install\inf directory to your path.

After running installmvfs.exe you need to restart the clearcase services or the machine to have the MVFS function.

See technote 1230196 for more information About the MultiVersion File System (MVFS).

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05 April 2020