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iNotes users always failed to change HTTP password in Domino directory



After Domino administrator enabled "Enforce Password Expiration" in security policy setting, iNotes users get prompt "Please choose a new password. Your password expired on..." after entered current password.

It seems they can change their http password following on-screen instructions by filling old and new password and click submit, finally they will see "change password submitted".

However, when they attempt to login again several hours or even one day later, the new password is still not accepted, they have to enter old password and still getting "Your password expired on...", nevertheless they cannot login to their mail files.



It's caused by Domino directory on Administration server get corrupted.


Domino 8.5.3 FP3 HF146 64-bit on Linux

Diagnosing The Problem

Check Administration Requests - Change HTTP Password in Domino Directory in admin4.nsf on Administration server, you found lots of the error messages as following.

Title: xxx's Directory Path: names.nsf; Error: Wrong Password.

(Passwords are case sensitive - be sure to use correct upper and lower case.) Perform request again?

A good case should be:

Resolving The Problem

In this case, the HTTP password can be successfully updated after running offline database maintenance tasks against Domino directory (names.nsf) of the Administration server as following:
1. fixup names.nsf -F (or Fixup -J if you have transaction logging enabled on Domino server)
2. compact names.nsf -C
3. updall names.nsf -R

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iNotes users always failed to change HTTP password in Domino directory

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16 June 2018