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Information Server DataStage poor performance writing to SQL Server



Information Server DataStage job has poor performance when writing to SQL Server.


This can occur when using the older, deprecated ODBC driver for SQL Server.

Resolving The Problem

Use the newer, more advanced ODBC driver .
The older driver,, is called "The SQL Server Classic Wire Protocol Driver".
DataDirect describes a performance problem with this driver at this link:

(In the article, the driver names begin with "iv". When this driver is bundled with Information Server, the "iv" in the name is replaced with "VM".)

The newer driver,, is called "The SQL Server Native Wire Protocol Driver".
This driver is built on newer technology and supports new datatypes and security features found in SQL Server 2008 and later. Datadirect makes this recommendation:

"We highly recommend using the NEW DataDirect SQL Server driver, or ivsqlsXX.dll (Windows) when connecting to SQL Server 2008."

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16 June 2018