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Information Server DataStage job fails with unknown error 10,054.



DataStage job fails with error: APT_IOPort::readBlkVirt: read for block header, partition 0, [fd 5], returned -1 with errno 10,054 (Unknown error)


The most common error addressed in this technote is:
APT_IOPort::readBlkVirt: read for block header, partition 0, [fd 5], returned -1 with errno 10,054 (Unknown error) ,

However, the solution for this technote has also resolved cases of the following error occurring in jobs on Windows platform:

buffer(1),0: Fatal Error: Unable to start ORCHESTRATE network connection on node node1(hostname1):READYWAIT failed: parallel {natural="", synthetic="buffer(1)"} in stage_name(7, 0)

Resolving The Problem

The default transport type for the I/O communication layer is shared memory, which uses a mapped memory region and a named pipe (fifo). On Microsoft Windows, sockets can be more efficient than shared memory, and are therefore set as the default transport type. You can restore the use of shared memory as the default transport type on Windows by specifying any value for this variable. This variable applies only to Microsoft Windows platforms:

On Information Server 9.1.2 jobs get this error which previously ran OK under v8.7 or prior releases. This issue is described in the section of the following technote which discusses DataStage environment
InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage, Version 9.1 Job Compatibility

For most sites, the above setting resolves the issue. However, on some Windows servers which are memory or resource constrained, the above setting alone may not be sufficient. in that case you should also review the Windows tuning recommendations for Information Server discussed in the following technote:
Configuring a Microsoft Windows Server to run InfoSphere Information Server

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16 June 2018