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In the Spotlight

  1. New features and changes in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.5, fix packs and roll-up patches
    What new functionality has been added with rollup patches or fixpacks since the release of InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.5?
  2. Information Server Client upgrade from to - FP1
    BM has identified JR55954 which affects View Data/Test Connection functionality for Connector stages on all Windows client installations. The issue is only seen when applying the Fix Pack 1 .ispkg file to the client tier. The issue is not seen when using the suite image downloadable from Passport Advantage. A respin for Fix Pack 1 is being built and this download document will be updated once it is available. The respin will avoid the need for the additional patch, JR55954, to be installed on all client tiers.
  3. Want a glimpse into the future? Check out the new support experience beta
    Check out the new Support portal which is in beta at the moment, provide feedback of your experience


  1. Governance Rollup 2 for Information Server Version
    This rollup updates Information Analyzer, Information Governance Catalog, DQEC, CEF, Common Metadata Service, ISMODELS, IMAM, XMETA, and CommonConnectors components.
  2. Enabling TLS 1.1 / TLS 1.2 support in Information Server - DataStage Clients
    By default, Information Server 11.3 uses the SSL (v3.0) protocol for secure communications, but this can be re-configured on the Services Tier to use newer TLS (Transport Layer Secuity) protocols. This article describes the additional requirements and configurations necessary to enable TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 protocol with the DataStage Clients (Designer/Director/Administrator). There is wider support for TLS 1.0 in the underlying client operating systems, and some requirements equaly apply to this version of the protocol.
  3. Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL affect IBM InfoSphere Information Server (CVE-2016-0799, CVE-2016-0705, CVE-2016-0797, CVE-2016-0702, CVE-2016-2842)
    OpenSSL vulnerabilities were disclosed on December 3, 2015 and January 28, 2016 by the OpenSSL Project. OpenSSL is used by IBM InfoSphere Information Server. IBM InfoSphere Information Server has addressed the applicable CVEs.
  4. Information Server issues after fixing WebSphere Security Bulletin (CVE-2012-6153, CVE-2014-3577)
    Applying either WAS FixPack 9 or Hotfix PI50993 will results in broken Information Server installation. Engine Tier installation against per-installed WAS will fail.


  1. Managing InfoSphere Information Server events with Apache Kafka
    How can I use Kafka to manage events that are created by InfoSphere Information Server?
  2. Infosphere Information Analyzer thin client error: "Asset metadata search failed!!"
    When logging into or working with InfoSphere Information Analyzer thin client, you receive an error message: “Asset metadata search failed!!"

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