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Industry Models SOA for Standard Tooling Migration Utility



This utility can help you to migrate your Process and Service customized models from the "m1 / MMM" deployment option to the "Standard Tooling" deployment option

Download Description

1. Consider using this utility ONLY if you want to adopt either the "BPS for Standard Tooling" or the "IPS for Standard Tooling" deployment option.
The Standard Tooling deployment options:
  • have process models in BPMN 2.0 format
  • contain a new design level Orchestration Process Model (OPM)
  • have SoaML service models for standardized service definitions
  • use the UML to WSDL Transformation in RSA to generate WSDL/XSD
  • can be used in conjunction with InfoSphere Business Glossary [optional]
  • do not have WBM or ARIS models
  • have limited support for project scoping / views
  • do not have BID management

2. Otherwise you should continue to use either the "BPS for m1" or the "IPS for MMM" deployment option

In addition:
  • There is no operability between models in the "for m1 / MMM" deployment options and models in the "for Standard Tooling" deployment options
  • Many users may not require the use of the utility - whereby it is preferable to begin using the models as shipped and / or applying stepwise customisation's manually.

3. If you intend to use this utility, please contact the IBM Industry Models Support team.

Download Details
The download package below contains the following utilities and associated documentation:
  • IBM Industry Models SOA for Standard Tooling Migration Utility
  • IBM Industry Models SOA for Standard Tooling Migration Utility (including IBG)
  • Industry Models Standard Tooling SOA Migration Guide
    This guide outlines the following:
    • Selecting the right version of the SOA for Standard Tooling Migration Utility
    • Installing the Utility
    • Preparing the models before migration
    • Migrating the models
    • Verifying the models after migration
  • Release Notes
    The release notes outlines the following known issues
    • Model issues
    • Migration utility issues
    • RSA issues


Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software v9.0.0
Rational Software Architect v9.0.0, with Extension for SOA and WebSphere
IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary Client for Eclipse v9.1 (Optional)
IBM InfoSphere Information Server Business Information Exchange v9.1 (Optional)

One of the IBM SOA Industry Models offerings:
IBM Banking Process and Service Models v8.6
IBM Insurance Process and Service Models 8.5.0 Fix Pack 02 (

More detailed information on Prerequisites is available from Section 3.1.2 of the Industry Models SOA for Standard Tooling Migration User Guide included in the download package

Installation Instructions

Detailed installation Instructions are available from Section 3.2 of the Industry Models SOA for Standard Tooling Migration User Guide included in the download package

Download Package

Note to IBM Intranet Users:
Details on how to access the download package through Fix Central are available from the IBM Employee Access section of the Fix Central Help

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