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Incorrect 'ToTime' returned in the InfoSphere MDM getStatistics transaction

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The 'ToTime' value in the response to a getStatistics transaction is sometimes incorrectly returned at the top of the hour of the 'ToTime' in the request.


Normally, the expected 'ToTime' in the getStatistics response is the same as the one provided in the request. This issue happens when the transaction requester's timezone is earlier than the InfoSphere MDM server system timezone, and also the 'ToTime' in the request is within the current hour timeframe in the requester timezone. In this scenario, when the requester's 'ToTime' is compared to the InfoSphere MDM system time, it is considered not to be within the current hour timeframe, so the transaction rolls forward to the top of the hour. This means that the time is stored as a future time in the requester's timezone.

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Modified date:
27 April 2022