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IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS

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Get comprehensive transaction performance and system resource usage reporting for your IMS DB and IMS TM systems

IMS™ Performance Analyzer for z/OS® provides information on IMS system performance for:

  • Monitoring
  • Tuning
  • Managing service levels
  • Analyzing trends
  • Capacity planning

This critical performance information is reported at the required level of detail, from high-level management summaries and graphical reports to detailed traces for in-depth analysis. IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS vastly simplified this process by providing a robust reporting engine that is accompanied by a multitude of easy to read, consolidated reports. The information is presented in a flexible reporting format, so your staff can start using it immediately.

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Measure usage, availability of resources Includes databases, programs, regions, buffers and queues – message and other internal queues.
Monitor significant system events Avoid events that can adversely affect system performance and availability.
Plan for IMS operational management Includes scheduling database reorganizations, monitoring service-level adherence, charge-back accounting and capacity planning.
Report and analyze with more depth Analyze transaction response time and the impact of IMS Connect on transactions. Report critical performance information, from high level management summaries to detailed traces for in-depth analysis.

Four good reasons to use IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS

Comprehensive yet simplified reporting IMS™ Performance Analyzer for z/OS® provides a robust reporting engine that is accompanied by a multitude of easy to read, consolidated reports. The information is presented in a flexible reporting format, so your staff can start using it immediately. These report collections cover the entire spectrum of IMS performance and tuning. They can help you analyze transaction response time, measure the usage and availability of important resources and plan for the operational management of IMS.
Report on IMS transaction performance and system activity IMS Performance Analyzer presents reports from many sources, including IMS logs, IMS monitor data, OMEGAMON® ATF log streams and the IMS Connect Extensions journal. The Connect Transit reports provide a complete picture of the lifecycle of transactions as they pass through IMS Connect and IMS. Report Forms allows you to tailor the contents of IMS Connect transit reports to provide you with only as much information as you need. Forms-based reporting can produce smaller, more focused reports.
Streamline your problem analysis process IMS Performance Analyzer can create a transaction index from the IMS logs to quickly locate your problem transactions. This index contains the execution and performance metrics for all of your transactions. You can use this index as the source input for subsequent IMS Performance Analyzer forms-based reporting – or as input to IMS Problem Investigator to locate a problem transaction in the IMS log. The Connect Event Trace can include IMS Connect and IMS log records in a single report.
Use either custom or pre-formatted reports With its easy-to-use ISPF dialog, IMS Performance Analyzer lets you tailor the format of all of its reports to suit your personal requirements – or choose from the many pre-built reports. By having these reports available, you do not waste valuable time collecting the information. Instead, you can spend your time addressing, and ultimately preventing, performance-related issues.

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