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Importing a Third Party Certificate Authority to IBM Key Management



When you have a third-party Certificate Authority, you will need to manually import the Certificate Authority (CA) into IBM Key Management.

Resolving The Problem

Many companies either create their own certificates on other servers or purchase third-party certificates to secure their host servers and telnet for Access for Windows. When using a certificate other than one created locally on the iSeries (or VeriSign or Thawte), users will need to manually add the Certificate Authority to IBM Key Management.

1. Open IBM Key Management

Select Start -> Programs -> IBM iSeries Access for Windows -> IBM Key Management:

Open the IBM Key Management

2. Open the database file for iSeries Access (cwbssldf.kdb):

Select the CWBSSLDF.KDB for the database.

Select OK.

3. Type in the password for the key database. The default password is ca400 (in lowercase):

Use default password ca400 to sign in.

Select OK.

4. Change the "Key database content" from "Personal Certificates" to "Signer Certificates" by clicking on the combo box.

5. Select Add to add the Certificate Authority:

Select ADD to add the CA.

a) Select Browse to browse to the location of the CA:

Select Browse to find the CA on your PC.

b) Select the Certificate Authority and click on OPEN:

Open CA.

c) Select OK.

Select OK.

d) Add a label and select OK:

Add a label and select OK.

Note: For companies with intermediate or chained certificates, you must add in all of the intermediate certificates before being able to add in the Certifictate Authority. You must have administrative authority on the PC.

6. Close the cwbssldf.kdb key database.

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